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The Berkeley Wire: 03.27.12

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

2117 san pablo
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GREEN SOLES On Fourth Street, the space vacated in January by A La Folie has been snapped up by Convert Shoes. The owners say they opened the store “to give our customers more of what they clearly want — sustainably made shoes that are simply great looking.” Brands include Timberland, Doc Marten, Keds, Seychelles, New Balance, Redwing, TOMS, Palladium, and Native. They also offer collaborations with Jeffrey Campbell (vegan) and J Shoes. Convert is at 1809B Fourth Street, tel: 510-649 9759.

While we’re on Fourth, it’s worth knowing that the street is holding a Spring Sidewalk Sale on Saturday April 14, 12-5pm, where merchants will be offering 40-60% off prices. Live music, 12-4pm. More details on the Fourth Street website.

FOOD OUT DRUGS IN Despite the best lobbying efforts of Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, who asked the owners of the old Andronico’s space on Telegraph Avenue to rent it to another grocery chain rather than a pharmacy, CVS is moving in, according to the Daily Cal. The Andronico’s closed in November shortly after the University Avenue store was also shuttered in the wake of the parent company declaring bankruptcy. The new CVS will be up and running by early 2013 if all goes to according to schedule. … Continue reading »

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City releases transcript of murder victim’s call to police

Berkeley has released a transcript of a call made by Peter Cukor to BPD on Feb 18, shortly before he was murdered outside his home on Park Gate. Photo: Tracey Taylor
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City officials on Tuesday released a transcript of Peter Cukor’s Feb. 18 non-emergency call to police, and in it he asks for police to come “right away” to deal with Daniel Jordan DeWitt, who allegedly killed him about 15 minutes later.

The two-page transcript, however, does not reveal what, if any, level of urgency Cukor conveyed in his voice.

Cukor and his wife Andrea first encountered DeWitt when they returned to their home on Park Gate in the Berkeley hills around 8:30 pm on Feb. 18. DeWitt was hanging around their driveway. Cukor asked DeWitt to leave and then called police at 8:45 pm on a non-emergency number to report that a stranger was lingering nearby:

“Cukor: “Yes, there is a gentleman, a young man hanging around my property. I think he is a transient. I’m not sure.
Dispatch: What is the address sir?
Cukor: 2 Park Gate Berkeley
Dispatch: And he is just standing around there?
Cukor: Yeah. He says that he lives here. He wants to come in which is very strange. I’d like an officer up here right away.” … Continue reading »

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‘Red’: Spellbinding musings on art, philosophy, and nature

Ken (John Brummer) engages in a battle of wits with renowned painter Mark Rothko during the Tony Award-winning play "Red". Photo: kevinberne.com
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After its successful London and Broadway run, the powerful Paint it Red! is now at Berkeley Rep’s Thrust Stage. This stunning two-person play presents a fictionalized account of artist Mark Rothko’s (David Chandler) artistic, emotional and intellectual journey as he paints a major series of canvases for a lucrative fee. His assistant, young artist, Ken (John Brummer), has been hired to help with the project.

In 1958, the outwardly arrogant, but inwardly insecure Rothko was commissioned by Phillip Johnson and Seagram & Sons Company to paint a series of seven canvases for the upscale Four Seasons Restaurant in the new Seagram’s Building on Park Avenue. Quite a coup for an artist who had worked for more than 30 years in relative obscurity. Rothko ultimately painted 30 pieces from which the seven would be chosen. … Continue reading »

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In memoriam: Bob Hill, Cal scientist, embracer of life

Robert Hill
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Robert (Bob) Hill died peacefully at home on March 4, 2012, in the presence of his family.

Bob was born in Brooklyn in 1922 and grew up in Lake Mahopac, New York. After one year at New York University, he enrolled at UC Berkeley. His college education was interrupted by World War II, during which he served as a radio operator in the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific. After the war, he returned to Cal, completing his A.B. in Physiology in 1949 and his PhD. in 1953.

Bob’s life was altered by a single incident that took place in the laboratory in 1950. A dog bite led to rabies treatments that provoked a nearly fatal reaction that resulted in permanent spinal damage. His courage and determination in surmounting this obstacle were inspirations to all.

Bob’s career was devoted to assuring the safety of newly developed medicines through preclinical laboratory evaluations. He started his career as a research associate at UC Berkeley and subsequently worked at Diablo Laboratories and later for Syntex Corporation. … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 03.28.12. 12:30 pm: Some 30 hours after we published this photo we have a winner! (A record?) This lion is on the 800 block of Spruce near Montrose as guessed by Sixfive442. Congratulations on being this week’s winner!

Photo: Nina J. Hodgson.

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