No known injuries in Monday shooting on Russell

Police at the corner of Russell and Sacramento on Monday, investigating the shooting. Photo: ilovemytank

At about 1:00 p.m. on Monday, Berkeley police responded to the area of Russell and Sacramento to investigate community calls of “loud reports”.

Officers learned that a group of male adults were standing on the sidewalk in front of an address in the 1500 block of Russell Street, according to the BPD. There was a verbal exchange between a male pedestrian and the group of men. A member of the group shot a pistol before fleeing the area.

Officers did a preliminary investigation and found shell casings in the area. Officer did not locate any blood or evidence of injury and no victims have come forward related to this incident. Detectives of the BPD Homicide Detail are conducting the follow-up investigation. BPD has not made any arrests.

BPD is urging anyone who may know anything about this shooting to call the BPD Homicide Detail on (510) 981-5741 or the 24-hour BPD non-emergency number, (510) 981-5900, and mention the shooting. If a community member wishes to remain anonymous, he/she is encouraged to call the Bay Area Crimes Stoppers (BACS) at (800)-222-TIPS (8477). According to the police, “Any information may be critical to solving this crime. Sometimes the smallest or seemingly insignificant detail can be the key to arresting the suspect or suspects in any crime.”

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  • Lhasa7

    Uh oh, those “males” are at it again.

  • Completely Serious

    This pisses me off.  This is across the street from Longfellow Middle School.  This is down the street from an illegal pot “dispensary.”  This is the same neighborhood with 2-3 shootings and murders in the last year. The BPD needs to shut this down.  Let the Chief be the Chief and get the thugs behind bars NOW.

    Seems like we’ve got a Tenderloin problem in South Berkeley.  The rich white people are happy if the crime is isolated to one neighborhood, so long as it’s not theirs. 

  • BerkeleyPariah

     I like your comment except the “rich white people” part…I’m neither but this crap doesn’t belong anywhere my daughter is going to Longfellow next year and you can best be sure i will be calling the DEA on a regular basis until the pot club gets shut down…they are in violation of a 1000′ within a school law.

  • Hatemanjr

    Ofcouse, shooting a gun into the air is a big no because the bullet might of hit  a seagull or a pigeon, but if any one of them broke a plotted plant over the heads of a 67 year old man and killed him it would of been fine.

  • Christopher_Robin

    I live on Julia, one block over, and when my fiance’ moved in two years ago, I told her not to go West of California Street for any reason. I, however, walk my dog in this neighborhood in the early morning and early evenings and am tired of all the thugs and wanna’ be thugs hanging out at the corner stores and especially Bob’s Liquor on Sacramento. The trash on the ground, the graffiti, the gun activity, it’s all linked together. What’s the answer?  If these thugs are willing to open fire in the daylight, are they afraid of anything?  Regular police patrols between Bob’s Liquor and the area corner markets might be the only way to scare off the riff-raff, if even only temporary.

  • Jocko

     Convert one or two of the Channel Islands into a prison colony modeled on the Mettray Penal Colony ( for any male between the ages of 14-30 involved in a violent crime.  Let them have control over their future, just separate them from the society that they so obviously want no part of.  It will never happen or even be considered and immediately rejected of course.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

     That’s funny because a few weeks back there were people swearing all up and down this site that there are no thugs hanging out on Sacramento st (close to Longfellow school) and anyone saying there was is a racist.

  • Christopher_Robin

    I’m sure that is forthcoming.  As far as my comments go, race is incidental. If I were on the border of East LA, or near a trailer park in San Bernardino County, the race might be different but the problems would be the same.

  • central berkeley neighbor

    I second that the problem is Bob’s Liquor store.  What can we do to get that store closed? Who do I complain to to get results?

  • Christopher_Robin

    Bob’s Liquor, as a  business, would need to run afoul of the law in order to be closed down. I don’t know that the business owner is doing anything wrong. Any shop that sells beer/liquor/tobacco products has the same problem. Vigorously enforcing any type of existing loitering laws might be a good start for police.

  • Christopher_Robin

    If anyone lives in this neighborhood, I suggest we get to know each other via .  Neighbors help neighbors, but strangers often don’t. 

  • Christopher_Robin
  • Christopher_Robin
  • Bruce Love

    How do they make their money?  There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch….

  • Thinkaboutit

    I live near this dispenscery and across the street from the first shotting, the two are so unrelated it’s comical. I have never seen any thugs walk into that dispensary, only young white hippie kids and older African Americans, I can’t believe you live in Berkeley and have such a negative view on marijuana.
    … And not, I don’t smoke pot I just can’t stand you belittling my neighbors death,
    multiple dispensaries exist around the city, and yet none of them have been host to any of these tragedies, if anything most of them act as agents of gentrification.

  • bgal4

    Tried to join but the verify method failed. I used the phone option.

  • Christopher_Robin

    I used the post card option to verify and it worked rather quickly. Were you able to at least sign up?  Apparently I can invite neighbors via email, so send me a quick hello to: and I’ll get a proper invite sent out.