Longfellow holds Hoodie Day in honor of Trayvon Martin

A class at Longfellow Middle School takes part in Hoodie Day in memory of Trayvon Martin

Today was Hoodie Day at Longfellow School in Berkeley. Students and teachers at the middle school wore hoodies in memory of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, in Sanford, Fla. on Feb. 26.

The class of teacher Erin Schweng also had skittles and Arizona Tea, both items Martin was carrying when he died.

“We talked about what happened, and how what we’re doing today is just a small thing but that it shows solidarity and support,” said Schweng. “Our middle school students are young people with heart, passion, and a budding activism all their own.”

The public demonstration followed a rally by Berkeley High School yesterday at which several hundred students marched to Old City Hall, many of them also wearing hoodies for their symbolic value.

Berkeley High students hold rally for Trayvon Martin [03.30.12]

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  • Lhasa7

    And they wonder why we want to cut their funding.

  • Supporter of BUSD

     Do you even live in Berkeley??? If so, you’re in a VERY small minority…in 2010 about 80% of us voted to pay ADDITIONAL taxes to fund our schools.

  • Lhasa7

    Clearly anyone who believes in teaching fundamentals (reading, writing, arithmetic), personal integrity, self-reliance, and critical thinking skills is in a minority in this environment. No question there.

  • Heather_W_62

    Are the students of BUSD then going to hold a vigil for the guy who was shot shot to death on Sac and Oregon the other night? Or, how about BUSD students hold a vigil for a nice guy (also happens to be black) who was shot to death on the doorstep of his friend’s home…. or the guy in the hills (who was white, but the BPD didn’t respond to) who got beaten to death by a paranoid schizophrenic? 

    Trayvon Martin’s death is a sad, horrible, tragedy, and it has yet to be sorted out. 

    Let us hold vigils — not support vigilantes — by honoring those who have died tragically right here. 


  • Heather_W_62

    Sadly, Supporter, you are right. We did. 

  • Anonymous

    And how’s that working out for you? Were you at the budget meeting last night? If not you should have been…otherwise you are going to be in for a big surprise when next year rolls around and you see that the district is broke and they’ve managed to squander our money yet again. I’ve always voted for whatever the district asked for but I will never vote for another tax increase or bond sale until real reforms happen.

  • Marie

     As a parent of a BUSD student, I’m very happy to tell you that my child, and most of the kids I know in the district, actually get taught the “fundamentals” as well as important issues happening in their world.  And I am so very happy that, as a community, we do support that fine system.

  • batard

    Groan .. who invited the troll from fresno.

    Three “R’s” and a double dose of conservative bootstrap mantra.  Go away.

  • The Sharkey

    I voted in favor of that tax increase in 2010, but the more I learn about BUSD the less I’m inclined to ever vote for taxes for BUSD in the future unless there’s some significant reform.

  • The Sharkey

    I don’t have a problem with Longfellow doing this. The whole thing with everyone wearing hoodies is a little bit silly, but this shooting is a “teachable moment” and ought to be discussed in school. I’ve certainly discussed this issue with my kids. As long as what was said in class by the instructors stuck more to the facts and less to the media hype, talking about the Trayvon Martin shooting/murder in school is a good thing.

  • Lhasa7

    I certainly can see the merit of discussing the case with students as something that is going on that has a larger social context, but this sort of histrionic identification with the victim in a case whose facts are far from definitely established at this point does not make any sense to me at all. And I share the concerns of other commenters about the participation of the Nation of Islam in this “teaching moment.”

    Certainly the recent out-of-control local violence seems like a more relevant focus of attention for students.

  • I’m Jes’ Sayin’

     You are using your freedom of choice and expression to slam the way that others choose to express themselves and on what topic?  For sure let’s keep this circular firing squad going for a while.

  • Lhasa7

    OK, I should have more narrowly confined my point to make it clear that I was objecting to what the teacher was doing here in encouraging this. The students and the rest of us are free to express ourselves as we see fit. But having suffered from an unprovoked racist attack from a black BHS student in the past (albeit not one that came to violence), I have my own view of the dynamic here.

  • Mike Farrell

    And your problem with Fresno is?
    Don’t be shy.

  • Heather_W_62

    I have a problem with our students posing in gangsta rap style representin’ someone they do not know, nor have any evidence about… this photo is a totally gangsta pose. Berkeleyside shouldn’t have posted it, in my opinion. I don’t accept the gangsta rap culture and don’t want to support it with my tax dollars. Bside, I really think this picture is inappropriate.

  • The Sharkey

    Was the Nation of Islam at Longfellow? If so, then that’s definitely something I’m not happy about.

    My hope is that the teachers at Longfellow used this shooting as a way to talk about violence in the community around here, and maybe even talk a little bit about how the media is manipulating the hell out of this story and twisting/inventing facts in order to increase racial tensions to drive up their ratings. But who knows if they actually talked about that kind of stuff or not.

  • The Sharkey

    Bowed heads and clasped hands makes me think of the way people stand when they’re praying, or having a moment of quiet reflection. If it’s a “gangsta” thing, then I wasn’t aware of that.

  • Heather_W_62

    It’s a gangsta thang,…

  • Bruce Love

    Rappers” didn’t invent the fashion of hoodies or make it especially
    popular.  Its exclusive association with “gangsta rap culture” exists
    mainly in the imagination of some people such as yourself.   It’s popularity in Black fashion predates the invention of Gangsta style.
    The heads-collectively-bowed pose you are thinking of is a trope that spans many theatrical and musical genres and dress styles.   It is popular from Broadway to the Bronx, so to speak.  You don’t yourself know what these kids do or do not know about the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

  • Heather_W_62

    I’m reacting too strongly, I acknowledge it. This senseless killing and the aftermath — lack of due diligence or investigation and the tension that could easily move toward vigilante justice has me really upset. Maybe I’m reading more into this photo than I should. Forgive me for being inflammatory, that really wasn’t my intention. 

  • JJ

    They should have a OJ Simpson day also and all wear a glove and go to school in a white bronco.

  • Michealpeckjr

    I was in this photo my name is micheal congradulations to myself for achieving such high standards that year :)

  • DaiShanell

    with this gesture, BUSD is teaching altruism, an inestimable trait.