Sacramento Street shooting victim dies, arrest made

The crime scene at Sacramento and Oregon where a shooting occurred at around 7:30pm on Thursday night. Photo: A citizen reporter

A man who was shot in the area of Sacramento and Oregon streets near Bob’s Liquor store on Thursday night at around 7:30 pm was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital last night. Berkeley police have made one arrest, but no specific details of the arrestee are being released. The case is being investigated as a homicide. Berkeley Police officers were still on the scene of the incident at 4.20 am Friday morning, and are continuing to investigate.

After 7:34 pm, Berkeley Police received multiple calls of loud reports in the area of the 2800 block of Sacramento Street. Responding officers found a single gunshot victim lying in the roadway on Oregon Street west of Sacramento Street. The Berkeley Fire Department transported the victim to Highland Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to Berkeley Police Lt. Kevin Schofield, who was the watch commander on duty at the time of the crime.

The investigation so far has found that two adult males walked out of a corner store at Sacramento Street/Oregon Street when they were confronted by a small group of suspects, at least one of whom was armed with a firearm. The males who were in the store began to run away, west on Oregon Street, when the suspect(s) began firing. One victim was able to avoid being hit, the other was struck multiple times. The suspects then fled.

Officers arrived on scene, summoned medical attention, secured the scene and began to look for witnesses. The victims appear to have been targeted, and the police have determined this was not a random shooting.

The man arrested is from Berkeley, according to Lt. Ed Spiller. His name has not yet been released.

It is the third homicide in Berkeley this year. On Jan. 26, Kenneth Warren was shot dead near his workplace on the corner of Shattuck and Emerson, and on Feb. 18 Peter Cukor was bludgeoned to death outside his home on Park Gate in the Berkeley hills. In 2011, there was only one homicide in Berkeley.

The shootings on Sacramento Street are among a rash of shootings along that corridor. On Dec. 23, five men shot off weapons on Sacramento Street near Woolsey. On Monday, there was another shooting nearby on Russell Street. No one was injured in that incident.

Shooting on Sacramento and Oregon, victim wounded [03.29.12]

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  • John Holland

    So sad to hear he died. This year is not looking good for Berkeley with regards to homicides.

    Take the poll: Who will Berkeleyside commenters blame next?

    So far 18 people have taken it. What do ~you~ think?

  • Surprised in Berkeley

    Chief Meehan’s disregard for the First Amendment and apparent inability to control crime in this town calls for his resignation.

    Now that I have posted this comment, I should expect a police officer outside my apartment this morning, right?

  • Ryan

    The police in this area are always very responsible and responsive. The issue is Berkeley’s outdated and misguided acceptance of low income housing and ridiculous tolerance of corner stores like this one who only serve as hotbeds for hooligans and transients. Eliminate the corner store, erase the affordable housing on surrounding blocks and these folks will go home, or find another city to terrorize.

  • Kool_kidds

    Bitch if y’all was to move out our area and back to to white people land in da suburbs den we will b all good. Y’all can only blame yo self for being in the area y’all in I’m sure wen yu came here yu seen crack heads and knocks loquer stores dis is our hood. Life and place to live. Question to you y can’t yu “guys” move back to where y’all cme from where there’s no violence and da police is always on yyo side

  • Petsitter101

    If your poll is an attempt at humor, I don’t see this as funny or appropriate.

    If your attempt is to stir things up, I don’t see this as very nice.

    If you are just trying to beat others to the punch, I don’t know how I see that.  Maybe still inappropriate.

  • Guest

    Are you for real? Are you just Bruce Love?

  • Completeley Serious

    I didn’t see “all of the above.”  And you missed my favorite scapegoat, Kriss.

  • Anonymous

     It’s a kid who was found guilty of being white yesterday at BHS with the avenge Trayvon rally at school yesterday (complete with the Nation of Islam!), probably had “cracker” insults thrown at him or worse, and generally made to feel scared and completely alienated by out-of-control thugs.  He can’t talk about any of these things with counselors and teachers because he’ll be called a racist and shamed for even noticing that he’s being terrorized so he’s left with trolling web forums because it makes him feel a little better.  This is all just an educated guess of course.

  • The Sharkey

    John is using someone’s death as a way to attack people he disagrees with.

  • Anonymous

    I trust the New Black Panthers are going to offer a $10K bounty for the shooter, dead or alive?

  • The Sharkey

    I rarely agree with him, but I don’t think Bruce would ever stoop to this level.
    John, on the other hand…

  • Oneloveonedeen

    This really hits home. I used to live right next door. This is a really bad area, my house was being broke into at 3am while my child and i were sleep. Numerous amounts of assaults,robbery in that area. This has nothing to do with race!! This has to dowith ignorance. I went to BTech(east campus) and about 50% of people i went to school with are dead or in jail. Our youth have been pushed to the side with little resources.
    Lets get it together Berkeley!

  • Berkeleyfarm

    Seriously?  Wow, I guess all those poor people – not just the ones who are involved in something shady, or who pissed off some hothead with a gun – should stop being poor, then. 

  • Berkeleyfarm

    Ok, whoever had Chief Meehan in that wildly crazy poll wins the no-prize. 

  • Berkeleyfarm

    Not to mention at least one local official’s personal hobbyhorse, the small number of legal MM dispensers in town. 

  • Anonymous

    “Little resources”?  Do you have any idea how disproportionate resource allocation in BUSD is towards black and Latino youth (I assume that’s what you mean by “our youth”).  They have opportunities that are unimaginable not just in most districts but most places in the world and an administration that is willing to bankrupt the district in order to try to educate them.

  • Neversilent

    I’m moving. This month.

  • serkes

    Today’s news – a tale of two lives.  One which contributed to the world, another who is accused of taking a life away from the world.

    My mother told me my grandfather had a clothing store. He was known as “The Mayor of 118th Street” 

    I never knew my grandfather.  He was shot and killed in a robbery.

    I sure wish Berkeleyside didn’t have any homicide to write about.


  • central berkeley neighbor

    I live just a few blocks away and am a regular walker in that neighborhood. Bob’s Liquor store is a constant source of dangerous activity.  Walking during the day with my kids I see folks completely drunk and out of control, tempers flaring among people drinking and hanging out in front? Why does the city continue to let this “corner store”- liquor store stay in business?  If a store is fostering inappropriate activity why does it still operate? What can we do to get it closed? There are corner/liquors stores on the corner of Ashby and Dwight in short walking distance that are a least slightly better managed.  

  • Mr.Heinen

    Ive lived around the corner on Dohr st for many years and I was close when the shooting happened. Shootings in this area rarely ever happen (honestly more like never). In fact, this neighborhood is relatively quiet and easy-going. My neighbors are extremely friendly, outgoing, and  nice and I have never had a problem with Bob who owns the corner store. He’s a nice guy and takes care of his customers. Just because one guy decided to do something stupid doesnt mean that a whole group of un-related people should suffer. your theory is wrong and not only is it wrong but its also an unfair generalization of the area and its inhabitants. You are entitled to your own albeit ‘uneducated’ opinion but just remember thats what it is. An opinion not the truth. Instead of penalizing innocents and critizing a great neighborhood, focus your anger on the hopes of finding the lowlife that killed another living and breathing person. 

  • Bruce Love

    Mr. Heinen writes: In fact, this neighborhood is relatively quiet and easy-going.

    I was under the impression that was one of our better kept secrets.    At least you didn’t mention that we have the best playing fields, picnic area, community center, etc.

  • Berkeleyfarm

    Glad that the PD has a suspect in custody.  Hoping that this will generate some info to help apprehend the perps in the other recent shootings as well. 

  • Just Sayin

    Exactly Anon!  There are more opportunities and resources in Berzerkeley for disadvantaged folk than you can shake a stick at, and people still hold onto the myth that it’s a lack of resources that causes these problems.

    Instead of blaming schools, or the city, or society at large we should be looking at the root cause  —  poor parenting. The result of this poor parenting are young men who have unwillingness to fit into society at large. These whackadoos would rather make money, and risk arrest/injury/death, as a lookout or dope boy rather than taking an honest job.

    A short-term solution is to get rid of the F’in liquor stores.

  • Chris

     Agreed that the liquor stores are the nexus of the problem, and it needs to be much easier for the city or state to revoke liquor licenses.

  • Guest

     Sure if one ignores those gunshot noises. There was that double murder at Sacramento and Derby in 2008.

  • I moderated John Holland’s comment. Given that someone died as a result of last night’s shooting, I don’t think a supposedly humorous poll is appropriate. 

  • John Holland


  • Kamarie

    Same here.

  • Neversilent

    Yes, the rash of home burglaries, auto break-ins, robberies, drug offenses and now shootings really do contribute to that “relatively quiet and easy-going” feel. While I think our immediate neighbors are good people, the neighborhood constantly features criminals of many different stripes. For this reason, and I say this as someone who lives in the immediate vicinity of the most recent shooting, I would not hasten to call it a “great neighborhood.” All that said, my thoughts are with the victim. Senseless violence.

  • John Holland

    I’m disappointed to hear that, Lance, but I respect your decision.  I’m happy to explain myself in a more sober fashion.
    First of all, my intention was to make a serious point: whenever there is a tragedy in Berkeley, you can count on Berkeleyside commenters to say the most outlandish things. That’s why the poll was titled “Who will Berkeleyside commenters blame next” (I suppose you can find it via Google if you really want to, though it doesn’t appear in the index yet.)

    I chose each poll choice from a real post on Berkeleyside. For example, when Mr. Cukor was killed, someone commented out of the blue on the scourge of medical cannabis clinics. This was a total disconnect: medical cannabis had nothing to do with the Cukor murder. Berkeleyside commenters have blamed medical cannabis for several shootings here on Berkeleyside. So it’s not unfair to add that choice to the poll.
    Apparently, I struck a nerve. 34 people took the poll seriously and responded before the link was censored by Berkeleyside. It seems as though they’re as tired as I am of some of these reactionary ideas. As I said in another post, my poll was an effort to inoculate us from such posts.

    Obviously, I failed. One of the poll choices was “Chief Meehan”. As the poll correctly predicted, a commenter here went straight to holding the Chief personally responsible. Another one of my choices was “Medical cannabis patients,” and sure enough another poster advocated shutting down 3PG.

    This is one time I’m right, but wish I was wrong.
    Finally, some folks here recognized their own ideas in the poll and perceived it as a personal attack. This poll was not an attack on adversaries (how dramatic!), and anyone who says so sounds paranoid to me. It’s not like I’m calling people immature, or irrational, or making fun of their name like a third grader.

    I’m not out to get anybody. Au contraire, the purpose of the poll was not to mock people, but to critically examine their ideas. I am passionate about criticizing ideas that I personally find implausible(the bizarre Cukor/weed combination being a good example.) I can understand how someone who recognize themselves in the poll might feel uncomfortable as their ideas are challenged. But there is no need to take it personally. I actually like the people on Berkeleyside that I disagree with. But I don’t always like their ideas, and I’ll refute those ideas vigorously if I disagree with them.

  • iicisco

    It’s time to shut Bob’s Liquor down. Should have been done a long time ago. Also going to agree that one of the root causes of violence in S. Berkeley is Bad Parenting. Example I live in an apartment complex near the scene, in this specific complex there is a 7 year old that frequently curses and even own’s a BB Gun at such a young age. He’s already shot a few older kids that live here as well. On a particular occasion he talked about shooting someone with a real gun because he didn’t get his way. I’ve already had conflicts with his Mother over not just his behavior but also about his older sister that is a frequent problem. She’s a truant and has been in and out the juvenile system twice this year. It’s time to get S. Berkeley cleaned up

  • Hatemanjr

    Shutting down Bob’s Liquore stor is going to do what?  Stop the  shootings? Make all the bad people disappear? What a typical Berzerkeley knee- jerk response: shut down the guy who’s  making an honest living but  leave the scumbags alone because their victims of  society.

  • Ryan_mykita

    The answer to your question is yes. Shut it down, send the transients home. Leave the neighborhood to the residents not the rascals who congregate. Berkeley needs to let the gentrification process take place and cut it out with ridiculous affordable housing…

  • Guest

    Glad to learn that Bruce Love is alone in “liking” this convoluted and self-aggrandizing justification.  You can certainly look to him as a reliable ally on this forum.  Beyond that, I don’t know.

    A good definition of a troll is someone who tries to hijack a real or serious issue or topic and make himself the center of attention.  Here we have a tragic, shocking and cold-blooded murder and you immediately inject your infantile “poll” into the discussion.  What a disgrace.  Thank you Lance and Berkeleyside for taking down this drivel.

    And for what it’s worth, it’s a bit farfetched to presume that the 34 people who supposedly participated in your so-called “poll” were necessarily taking it or you “seriously”…

  • iicisco

    Don’t like what I have to say then maybe you should avoid Berkeleyside or at least the comment section. All I did was state the fact, that several of the neighbors who live in this community don’t need a liquor store on every corner. There’s like 6 stretching from Dwight Way to Ashby. That’s almost one every two blocks and they are all affiliated with each other except for US Liquor. They won’t be in to much a financial pit! Corner stores in S. Berkeley are like hubs for criminal activity-a spot to hang out or “post” if you will. I see teenagers hanging around smoking weed at 8:30a after buying a Swisher to roll it up in. It may not stop the shootings but it will give them one less place to hang out at, Hatemanjr. Let’s not forget there was also a shooting there before where a man was shot in the store. We may not be able to stop all the shootings but we can definitively take steps to reduce the probability of of one occurring by eliminating hot spots.

  • John Holland

    Anonymous guest wrote:

    A good definition of a troll is someone who tries to hijack a real or serious issue or topic and make himself the center of attention.

    Then put your money where your mouth is, let’s take the attention off me, and refocus on my ideas, shall we?

    Do you disagree with my thesis that you can expect the same, tired scapegoats every time there is a tragedy in Berkeley, even though there is no evidence for them? Because the poll was an accurate predictor of such responses.

    Here’s the formula:

    IF the tragedy takes place within a few blocks of a medical cannabis clinic (or even in the Berkeley Hills), THEN people wil blame the cannabis clinic.

    IF the tragedy happens the same night as an Occupy Oakland protest, THEN people will blame Occupy Oakland.

    IF the tragedy happens to an unnamed Berkeley High student, THEN people will blame illegally registered students from outside Berkeley.

    And now, of course, my guess is that in any tragedy, people will blame Chief Meehan.

    Do you disagree with this thesis? Because so far the evidence supports it.

    Anonymous Guest wrote:

    it’s a bit farfetched to presume that the 34 people who supposedly participated in your so-called “poll” were necessarily taking it or you “seriously”…

    They took it enough seriously to vote, rather than complain about it. Were they all cold and caloused, or did they also understand that the poll was simply a device to illustrate the points above? There are other commenters who who seemed to get the point.

    What do you think? Or, were you just trolling?

  • bgal4

    Sorry Mr Heinen,

    But no one who currently or has in the last decade worked at the store been named Bob.

    Second, are you out of town alot? because you sure have missed a lot of shootings in the immediate area, including the one that caused the good folks working at the store to be scared for their lives.

  • Heather_W_62

    I think we should ban all corners, because most small liquor stores are on or near corners… that should reduce these shootings.

    I am reminded of the scene in “The Jerk” when Steve Martin is running away from the cans b/c he is convinced the shooter hates cans. 

  • Heather_W_62

    Public drunkenness is against the law. I hope you call the police when you see such activity? 

  • bgal4

    Cities control use permits, liquor licenses are bought and sold. The ABC revokes licenses for violations, the city revokes use permits for nuisance.

    On Sacramento St, any shop that has poor management can become a public nuisance.

    Bob’s Liquor works hard to reduce loitering.

    Others in the immediate area do not.

    Laura M