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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

Berkeley's school gardens have a reputation beyond the city's borders. Berkeleyside this week covered the threat to the budget for the edible programs in schools, such as the one at Malcolm X Elementary. Photo: Rivka Mason

It’s been a week when Berkeley’s public safety officers have been in the spotlight. There were public promotion ceremonies for both the police and fire departments (we’ll publish the fire department promotions on Monday). But the demanding side of their jobs also was evident this week, with Berkeley’s third homicide of the year on Thursday night on the corner of Sacramento and Oregon. Berkeleyside followed up the story by talking to local residents about the crime and their neighborhood.

Police handling of the murder of Peter Cukor last month and the swirl of events around Chief Michael Meehan’s dispatch of a police sergeant to a reporter’s house late at night were back in the news this week. Berkeley officials released the transcript of Cukor’s call to the police on the night he was murdered on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, city officials released a raft of documents about the call on Oakland Tribune reporter Doug Oakley.

The killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida sparked two demonstrations in Berkeley this week. First, several hundred Berkeley High students held a protest on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, Longfellow Middle School held a “Hoodie Day” in honor of Martin. … Continue reading »

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Adopt a Pet: Joey, goofy ball of fun and a good student

Photo: Nancy Rubin
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By Joel Lahrman

We’re not sure we can tell you what breed of dog Joey is, but we can tell you that he is a goofy ball of fun who has managed to show he can be a serious student as well.

Joey has now been at Berkeley Animal Care Services for over a year. What’s the hold-up? Unlike many dogs who become easily stressed at a shelter, Joey is very content. He is a volunteer favorite who gets a lot of walks, and he spends most afternoons in the shelter director’s office. But it is high time for him to find a home of his own.

Joey’s long stay at the shelter has given him plenty of time to learn all of his behavioral basics. He can sit, go down, stay, and “leave it”. But Joey is also a fun-loving dog who loves his playtime most of all. He enjoys chasing after tennis balls, and playing with the many dog friends he has made at the shelter. Afterwards, he will stare at you with his baby blue eyes and wag his tail until he gets a nice belly rub. … Continue reading »

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