Adopt a Pet: Joey, goofy ball of fun and a good student

Joey: waiting for the right family to show up and take him home. Photo: Nancy Rubin

By Joel Lahrman

We’re not sure we can tell you what breed of dog Joey is, but we can tell you that he is a goofy ball of fun who has managed to show he can be a serious student as well.

Joey has now been at Berkeley Animal Care Services for over a year. What’s the hold-up? Unlike many dogs who become easily stressed at a shelter, Joey is very content. He is a volunteer favorite who gets a lot of walks, and he spends most afternoons in the shelter director’s office. But it is high time for him to find a home of his own.

Joey’s long stay at the shelter has given him plenty of time to learn all of his behavioral basics. He can sit, go down, stay, and “leave it”. But Joey is also a fun-loving dog who loves his playtime most of all. He enjoys chasing after tennis balls, and playing with the many dog friends he has made at the shelter. Afterwards, he will stare at you with his baby blue eyes and wag his tail until he gets a nice belly rub.

Too many people have missed out on this lovable galoot, but Joey is undaunted. He is waiting for the right family to show up and take him home for good. For more information about Joey, call Berkeley Animal Care Services at (510) 981-6600.

Berkeleyside’s Saturday column, “Adopt a Pet”, hopes to help match pets with a home and loving owners in our community. We partner with the Milo Foundation, and — from this week — with Berkeley Animal Care Services, to introduce just one of many pets that can be adopted. BACS houses domestic animals from Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, and Piedmont. They provide a safe haven for homeless pets, as well as adoption services, advice on animal-related topics, lost and found pet reports, and free, or low-cost, spay/neuter vouchers for Berkeley residents’ dogs and cats. Check out the BACS Facebook page and contact them directly to find out about the many wonderful animals that are available for adoption.

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  • Sue Tomasello

    Good luck Joey, I hope you find a great home.  And, thank you Berkeleyside for showcasing the animals at Berkeley Animal Care Services.  While I appreciate all Milo Foundation does for animals, the local angle is stretched a bit now that Milo is headquartered in Marin County.  I was sorry to see them leave Solano Avenue, but I know their stay there was pretty rocky.  Many (most?)  rescues stretch themselves very, very thin trying to help as many animals as possible, which is noble but sometimes unrealistic in the long run.   

  • Thanks Sue. We always planned to feature BACS but it took a while to set it all up. We collaborate with Milo too to spread the workload for them both and because they have regular mobile adopt a pet events in Berkeley.

  • Pittieheart

    Thank you, Berkeleyside for featuring some of Berkeley’s homeless cats and dogs.  To see more of them, please check out their Facebook page:

  • Pittieheart

    Please note, these dogs and cats are at Berkeley Animal Care Services, located at 2013 Second Street, between Addison and Hearst Sts.  This is the City’s municipal shelter.  They are always looking for new volunteers, too, so stop by to see their animals in person and perhaps pick up a volunteer application, as well.

  • Thanks for pointing us to the BACS Facebook page. We will include a link to it from now on.

  • LS18

    LOVE that Berkeleyside is promoting shelter animals. Gorgeous photo of a beautiful dog; you picked a good one to kick off this project.

  • Heather_W_62

    I wish I could take him — and I would if I weren’t working 10+ hour days, but I’d bet someone is going to see this post and go meet this lovely dog. Thanks, Berkeleyside, for adding this component to the site.