Police identify victim and suspect in Thursday slaying

Berkeley police are holding 18-year-old Randall Oscar Alston in connection with the Thursday shooting death outside of Bob’s Liquors of Devin Whitmire, 24.

Alston, a Berkeley resident, is being held without bail at the Berkeley jail on suspicion of murder, according to Lt. Ed Spiller.

Whitmire and a friend were leaving the corner store around 7:34 pm on Thursday when a group of young men confronted them, according to police. One of the people in the crowd had a gun, and when Whitmire and his friend saw it, they started to run west on Oregon Street.

The assailant fired a barrage of bullets, several of which struck Whitmire. He collapsed and died on Oregon Street near Sacramento. His friend ran through the Oregon Park, a senior living complex, and was chased by several others, according to a resident of the complex who asked not to be named. The friend escaped injury.

Police arrested Alston around 8:30 pm that night.

It was the third homicide in Berkeley in 2012.

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  • PragmaticProgressive

    …group OF young men… Instead of ON

  • PragmaticProgressive

    So “one of the people in the crowd had a gun”. – does that mean we’re unsure if it was Allston’s gun? Or is it just a way of not presenting allegations as facts? Trying to ascertain if someone else was carrying (and should also be arrested) and Allston grabbed that gun to fire the barrage. Or is Allston alleged to have fired his own gun?

    Any word on arresting the others who pursued Whitmire’s friend?

  • Johnecakeswife

    The Chronicle’s article reads the same.  It’s obvious, to me anyway that the police are still investigating.  The fact that they made an arrest so soon after the shooting is hopeful there are some witnesses.  Usually the police don’t want to hamper the investigation by saying too much too soon.  You can understand that, right?

  • John Holland

    I’m not sure, but you may be spelling Mr. Alston’s (sp?) name wrong. The arrest record has only one “L”.

  • Guest

    Also, the suspect’s Facebook profile claims he was a Berkeley High Student and is enrolled at UC Berkeley in the Class of 2016 (although I could not locate his name in the online student directory).

  • Ralphk

    As your article indicates, this is the third slaying this year in Berkeley.  The first was the murder of Kenny Warren, the south Berkeley barber (and father of young children) who was gunned down by multiple assailants in a barrage of bullets around January 26.  Could Berkeleyside please try to keep this unsolved murder in the public eye?  I have seen no updates of the facts and the investigation since shortly after the crime.  Our police certainly have limited resources, and need to be reminded and pushed to not drop their attention.  This was clearly a planned intentional murder.  It does not get any worse than that.

  • bgal4


  • The Who

    I can assure you he has NOT attended BHS in the recent years. The probablility of him getting into CAL is very low.