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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

There was no doubt which of our stories this week proved most popular. Perhaps because local news of late has been so grim, readers pounced on the wonderfully uplifting report by Elaine Miller Bond of river otters making a rare appearance in Tilden Park this winter. The photos, by Jen Joynt (above), were deemed by all to be stunning.

Another nature story, the hatching of owl chicks on the Claremont Canyon trail, caught people’s attention — as did our photo preview of the refurbished North Branch library, which reopens today; our report on a newly cleaned-up downtown; and our scoop on a collision Tuesday night on Marin Avenue and Colusa which injured a pedestrian, mercifully not as seriously as was first feared.

Berkeleyside covered these stories and much more this week. We know from the hundreds of comments and feedback we get directly that many of you are deeply engaged with Berkeleyside. If you want to help Berkeleyside thrive, please consider supporting us and local, independent journalism by becoming a subscriber.

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Adopt a Pet: Puppies galore available today

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There will be puppies galore at the Milo Foundation’s mobile adopting event at the Rockridge Pet Food Express store today from 12-4.

Just three of the many who will there waiting for a loving new owner include Tailor, above left, a female Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier mix who is affectionate, funny and a real doll. Requests politely to be picked up and held, but is also a game player with her sisters. She has a very doe-like face, sweet and gentle, until it is time to play, and play hard ball, even with her mom!

Peeta, above center, is a male Australian Shepherd-Collie rough mix and such a bouncy, fun, playful puppy. He’s confident and outgoing, and he’s clearly very intelligent, picking up on basic obedience commands quite easily. He’s doing fabulously with his crate training, and has progressed with the rest of his house training very quickly.

And there’s Clove, above right,  a female Border Collie-Bernese Mountain mix who, with her brother Haymitch, are two of a group of older puppies who were recently rescued from a mass hoarding situation. Clove is still pretty timid and relies on Haymitch to get around, but she is warming up. Clove would probably to best in a home with another dog. … Continue reading »

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