Never let it be said that Berkeley doesn’t love its libraries

Crowds gather outside the North Branch of the Berkeley Public Library on April 7 in anticipation of its re-opening. Photo: Richard Friedman

The North Branch of the Berkeley Public Library reopened on Saturday, and Berkeley residents turned out in impressive numbers to welcome its return. We’re delighted to say that some of our favorite photographers were on hand to document the occasion. For a look inside the newly refurbished library, check out our sneak peek photo tour, published on April 3.

The ribbon is cut, by, among others, Councilmember Laurie Capitelli (far left), State Senator Loni Hancock, and Mayor Tom Bates (center). Photo: Richard Friedman

Inside the newly remodeled library, customers were admiring the new decor and inquiring about books. Photo: Richard Friedman

Outside, musicians marked the occasion and a party atmosphere was in the air. Photo: Ira Serkes

A new generation of readers perused the bookshelves. Photo: Richard Friedman

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  • Rachel A.

    It was a great day for a library re-opening.  One open, three to go!

  • GC

    The caption for the first photo is mislabeled. That’s actually state senator Loni Hancock on the far left (next to Mayor Bates) and not the councilmember.

  • The Sharkey
  • Bruce Love

    And who’s that fellow to the left of Hancock?

  • The rest of the pictures I took that day can be found at:

  • Dan Alpert

    When they started the project, they removed the USPS mailbox from in front of the library.  Does anyone know if it will be returned?  I used that mailbox all the time and now have to walk several more blocks to get to one :(

  • emraguso

    I was driving by today and was happy to see the “open” sign! That’s great news. 

  • Here’s a more face-on photo if you want to play Name The Dignitary:

  • The musicians at the reopening were from The Crowden School (