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Parents not officials pushed through safety improvements

Keep kids alive
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Slow down, you’re moving too fast
We’ve got to make the morning last
You’re driving in a pedestrian zone
Look out for kids!
We’re all commuting

Don’t ask families at Malcolm X Elementary School to wait passively for safety improvements to their school while BUSD, the City of Berkeley, and Cal Trans lumber through their bureaucratic process — just ask the Malcolm X Traffic and Safety Committee for help, and help surely is on the way.

Three years after … Continue reading »


The Berkeley Wire: 04.10.12

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Announcing: Berkeleyside’s second Open Office, April 26

Open Office
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It’s time for you to see the faces behind Berkeleyside, if you don’t know us already.

On the evening of Thursday April 26, Berkeleyside will hold its second “Open Office” at Pane Italiano Qualita (more commonly known as PIQ) in downtown Berkeley.

We held our inaugural Open Office on May 11 2011 and had a swell time. We drank coffee, ate delicious slices of pizza and talked. Ideas were thrown around, suggestions made, concepts discussed. Several of the … Continue reading »

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Daily Californian: Blank page might be harbinger of future

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The Daily Californian has been printing news about UC Berkeley and the Bay Area for 141 years.

But Tuesday’s edition is out of the ordinary: the top half of the front page, the area colloquially known as “above the fold,” has been left blank.

The deliberate lack of news is the staff’s way of calling attention to the paper’s budget deficit, and a not-so-subtle plea to ask students to vote today on a $2 a student subsidy. (Read Berkeleyside’s article on the situation.)

Tomar Ovadia, the Daily Cal’s editor in chief, penned an editorial explaining why the staff took this unusual step:

“For 141 years, this paper has been a regular fixture on campus, informing students of the most important issues affecting our community. … Continue reading »

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Big Screen Berkeley: Applause

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Love it or hate it, the Dogme Manifesto has been hugely influential since Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg puckishly penned it in 1995. Though a Dogme film hasn’t been produced since 2005, the Manifesto’s lessons and strictures have since become part of the DNA of Danish cinema.

During its lifetime, Dogme’s results were mixed: for every success such as Kristian Levring’s memorable King Lear adaptation The King Is Alive (2000), there was an unwatchable piece of nonsense such as Harmony Korine’s Julien Donkey-Boy (1999). Even Dogme haters, however, can be grateful for one of the Manifesto’s unanticipated benefits, actress Paprika Steen.

The only thespian to appear in the first three Dogmes (Vinterberg’s The Celebration, von Trier’s The Idiots, and Soren Kragh-Jacobson’s Mifune’s Last Song), Steen was already in early middle age by the time she became a film star. Now closing in on 50, Steen continues to deliver quality performances in films such as Applause, a powerful character study opening this Friday, April 13th at Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas. … Continue reading »

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