Photos: Baby owl on Berkeley trail is growing up fast

The Great Horned Owl chick in its nest in a Eucalyptus tree on Berkeley’s Claremont Canyon trail is maturing rapidly. Photos: prettiephotos

The Great Horned Owl nest on the Claremont Canyon fire trail has been a source of great interest for hikers, birders and, yes, Berkeleyside readers.

We first reported on the nest on March 12 when we received reports of the parent owls diving down on unleashed dogs on the trail. In early April we published photos of a new arrival in the Eucalyptus tree: a fluffy white owl chick, being zealously guarded by its parents.

Now we have the privilege of sharing these wonderful photographs posted onto our Flickr pool by prettiephotos. As is clear, the young owl is developing rapidly, getting bigger by the day and sprouting grown-up feathers. And — squeamish alert — nourishment is being brought in by the ever nurturing parents.

The mother (or father?) owl has been known to swoop down on unleashed dogs to protect its young. Photo: prettiephotos

A parent owl provides take-in lunch at the nest on the Claremont Canyon fire trail. Photo: prettiephotos

The Great Horned Owl chick is sprouting “grown-up” feathers under its white fluffy down. Photo: prettiephotos

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  • Meliflaw

    Lovely pictures. Thanks, Berkeleyside!

    (Re. mother or father? Male and female GHOs are very similar, except that the females are 10 to 20% larger. Female raptors are larger than their male counterparts; there are a lot of theories, none conclusive, as to why this is so.)

  • alina

    this guy is just too fluffy and adorable!  thanks for pictures. 

  • carter_nberkeley

    Are the owls still in doggie attack mode? Thinking of walking two white dogs up the canyon someday soon.

  • irisandjules

    These are the coolest photos ever! We are swooning over them! 

  • John Holland

    At first, I thought the baby owl storyline was superfluous. But now, I’m kind of liking the updates.

  • deirdre

    I am loving this saga.

  • Concerned for Owls

    It’s wonderful that people who normally would not notice have the opportunity to see these owls. However, they are now being loved to death. Please people, quietly view the owlet then move on. Groups of people staking out the owlet and conversing under the nest are creating undue stress for this owl family! If you need a photo, please take one then leave the owls in peace!