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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

UC Berkeley students on Lower Sproul Plaza on Saturday April 14 celebrating Holi. Photo: Michael Armbrust

Fifty students at Berkeley High were caught in an attendance fraud that Principal Pasquale Scuderi made public this week. Four students had illicitly obtained the password to the school’s attendance database, and had charged other students to clear absences. Two of the students are being considered for expulsion and 32 suspensions of between one and five days have been issued.

Good news stories are always welcome. The “solar suitcase” created by Berkeleyans Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson brings light to hospitals and clinics in the developing world that face chronic power shortages. In one Nigerian hospital where the We Care Solar has placed its equipment, the maternal death rate has been reduced by 70%. … Continue reading »

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Adopt a Pet: Mammy, a best friend and loyal companion

Mammy (1)
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By Chrystal Stayner

Now that Mammy’s face has caught your eye, discover what makes her personality equally unique and lovable! Mammy is looking for a best friend with whom she can be a loyal companion. She wants nothing more than a lap to lie in, while you read a book, sit at the computer, or relax in front of the T.V.

She also likes to tag along as you do the dishes or other chores around the house. Hopefully you don’t mind if she shares your bed at night, since she loves to help you stay warm and snuggle.

Mammy has a wonderfully friendly and outgoing personality. She is fine with meeting new people, and is comfortable around dogs and kids, as long as they are respectful of her more mellow demeanor. Although her more rambunctious days are behind her, she still has many silly moments as she bats around her favorite mouse toys.

Despite her age, this lovely lady needs little special care. She does require a strict diet of only wet food since she lost all her teeth as a result of a viral infection. She needs no medication, and has plenty of healthy years ahead of her. Will your home finally be her forever home? … Continue reading »