Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update: 12:10pm: Well, this one is proving a tough nut to crack. Ira, who took the pic, has this tip to share: “It’s about 50 feet off a main road.” Surely that makes it much easier!

Photo: Ira Serkes.

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  • joshua a

    Might this be the first picture that stumps the good citizens of Berkeley?

  • Guest

    Is this the gate next to Berkeley Rep, on Addison?

  • serkes

    To provide a different angle which befits this photo, I’ll be providing Tracey with a geometry tip

    I’ll use the distance between two previous WIB stumpers, the bear and the chicken.

    Perhaps that distance will become a new standard …  WIB Berkeleyside version of an Astronomical Unit.


  • serkes

    Assuming the distance between the WIB stumpers of the bear and the chicken = 1 WIB Distance unit, it’s about 1/6 a WIB Unit from one of them.

    Next step – for someone to post those two locations

  • NAParish

     It’s apparently 3.4 miles between the bear (http://www.berkeleyside.com/2011/10/19/where-in-berkeley-86/ ) and the chicken (http://www.berkeleyside.com/2011/10/05/where-in-berkeley-84/ ), according to Google maps: http://g.co/maps/uzns9 .

  • serkes

    And within .75 miles of one of those google map points, as measured by driving rather than flying

  • With only 3.5 square miles to search I’m sure someone will come up with the answer real soon now.

  • Guest: No, that’s not it. Sorry for the delayed reply.

  • S. Fischer

    It’s some kind of security gate on a doctor’s office building on Dowling Place right off of Telegraph.  

  • serkes

    A new hint: I’ll define a major road as one which shows in yellow when you click on the NAParish map link.

    Now soliciting guesses about which road it is.

  • Keith Skinner

    This has been bugging me because I know I’ve seen it and can’t wrap my head around it. Is this on the Library Gardens grounds? 

  • serkes
  • serkes

    Those are the ones which bug me too …. this gate is on Dowling

  • serkes

    The gate is o Dowling Place (which the parcel map says was once called Tyler Street) but the actual building address seems to be 3045 Telegraph. I wonder what the difference is between a Street and a Place (I could look it up, but most of the Place names I know (Maran or Station) seem to be short streets or stub.

    Would love to see Berkeleyside articles on how the streets were named … and renamed.  I have that book somewhere on the shelves.

  • S. Fischer

    I drive by that building almost every day, as I live just off Telegraph on Oregon Street.

  • I knew that looked familiar. I use to walk by that building to/from Mokka during my work break. Mokka is one of the few Berkeley coffee bars which serves drip coffee!

    Here it is on Google Streetview:http://g.co/maps/7c6dm

  • Neil


    Thanks for posting a link to the Google Streetview location.