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Best of Berkeleyside: This week’s most popular posts

The owlet is yawning. Photo by Lee Aurich

Berkeley may be urban, but its city dwellers continue to be fascinated by the wild creatures that live in the region’s parks and backyards. For a few weeks, Berkeleyside has been running photos of a family of great horned owls nesting along the trail in Claremont Canyon. Lee Aurich captured some amazing images of the mama owl feeding its chick. And on Friday, Gisele Frazão Teixeira took photos of a blue heron on the hunt for lunch.

Crime was the other source of fascination for readers this week, especially the video of two cyclists who were hit by a car Wednesday while pedaling up Tunnel Road. The video started to make the rounds of Twitter Thursday afternoon and soon went viral, showing up on dozens of websites and newscasts. On Friday, Berkeley police arrested a suspect in the hit and run accident.

Mayor Tom Bates also announced, via Twitter, that he would seek re-election again. He has had the job for 10 years but says he still has things to accomplish.

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Blue heron at Berkeley Marina scores its lunch

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Citizen reporter Gisele Frazão Teixeira shot these photos yesterday at the Berkeley Marina of a Blue Heron spying, catching, and flying away with its prey. Never let it be said that Berkeley isn’t a wildlife enthusiast’s nirvana.

Berkeley owl chick will soon branch out says expert [04.26.12]

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Adopt a Pet: Paco, a mellow, happy dog looking for a home

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By Shelley Carlisle

Que Pasa? Me, that is: I’m up for adoption! Let’s celebrate freedom together this Cinco de Mayo You, me, the couch, a Corona? (well maybe not a beer, but some yummy authentic chicken snacks would be awesome).

My real name is Paco, but most of my people at the shelter call me “happy boy,” “super nice guy,” “lap dog,” “love bug,” “mellow guy,” “belly-up dog,” and “lazy bones!” Even though I like to lay around and get belly rubs, I can also trot well behaved next to you if motivated by refreshing bay breezes, any kind of grass, and other doggie markings!

Every time I’m out on a walk, everyone stops to admire me, so suave and elegante. When you see my big ole’ head and silly grin, just think that there’s more of me to love and give kisses! My manners are pretty darn good too… after an hour training session of practicing my good “look,” “sit” and “down” (this is my natural state) and “leave it”, I’m ready for a looooong siesta, preferably with my head in your lap, and possibly with the right doggie girlfriend.  … Continue reading »

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