Blue heron at Berkeley Marina scores its lunch

Photo: Gisele Frazão Teixeira

Citizen reporter Gisele Frazão Teixeira shot these photos yesterday at the Berkeley Marina of a Blue Heron spying, catching, and flying away with its prey. Never let it be said that Berkeley isn’t a wildlife enthusiast’s nirvana.

Photo: Gisele Frazão Teixeira

Photo: Gisele Frazão Teixeira

Photo: Gisele Frazão Teixeira

Photo: Gisele Frazão Teixeira

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  • Chris

    Beautiful, prehistoric looking creatures

  • Guest

    Maybe Berkeleyside should switch over to covering exculsively the Animal Kingdom?  Rename the site, Animalside?  Maybe throw in a few human crime stories too, when the behavior is borderline animalistic?

  • Frances Dinkelspiel

     It’s just that we are getting in touch with our inner animals.

  • birder

    Life imitates art! Aimee has exactly this on exhibit on May 11. See Natural Selection in the events calendar.

  • so wonderful!  

  • Alice Kahn

    There was a black crowned night heron with a LONG white head tail putting on a great show at Jewel Lake this a.m.
    One of the many things I love about Berkeleyside is the attention to the natural thrills of Berkeley.

  • Mike Farrell

    Nice grab. Berkeley can use fewer rats.