Op-Ed: Last week’s hit-and-run bike collision is rare, says expert

The dramatic hit-and-run collision last week between a car and two cyclists on Tunnel Road in Berkeley that was captured on video drew a widespread response — both from within and outside the cycling community. Writing in Berkeleyside’s Opinionator section, Renee Rivera, Executive Director of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, says that, while the video was scary, it is worth knowing that this is an extremely rare type of collision. Read her thoughts on bicycle safety.

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  • bgal4

    Expert? what is the data source?

    The two incidents I can quickly recall in which my immediate family was hit and the driver left the scene with cyclist on the ground  were not reported to the police.

    1. Sacramento at Blake, driver completely at fault, injuries to cyclist
    2. Rose St,  adult woman hits rear tire of my son at a stop sign, then drives around him on the ground while she calls him a bitch, not injured, just irritated.

  • batard

    Bicyclists blowing off stop signs and traffic lights w/o looking .. much more common.  

    Looking both ways and rolling it is fine, blasting thru w/o turning your head or slowing isn’t.  Berkeley needs either some stepped up enforcement or a celebrity fatality to drive this point home.

    My beef — I don’t need the hassle of sorting out fault in an accident that wasn’t my making.  Bikers may think the risk is all theirs, but it isn’t.

  • Redrocksrover

    It’s a two-way street. Pun intended. For as many cyclists who blow through stop signs and nearly run over pedestrians in crosswalks, there are equally as many drivers who do the same. I know because I’m both a driver and a cyclist, and I see many of each who don’t take their responsibility on the road seriously. There is way, way too much sense of entitlement out on the roads from cyclists and drivers alike as the cost of each other’s safety.

    Here’s a little tip: defer to the other guy. Whether you’re a cyclist or in a car, have some patience and set aside your sense of entitlement for one brief moment. A little bit of deference to the other person goes a long way toward avoiding ruining not only days– maybe even lives.

  • The Sharkey

    I agree. I’ve actually been honked at by other motorists for coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, or for stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

    There are a lot of really, really bad drivers in Berkeley, and because only a tiny minority are ever stopped and cited for their constant infractions the behavior just gets worse and worse.

  • BadPedi

    I can’t believe all the inconsiderate pedestrians in Berkeley who don’t come to a complete stop at every stop sign.

  • batard

    “For as many cyclists who blow through stop signs and nearly run over pedestrians in crosswalks, there are equally as many drivers who do the same.”
    I need to challenge you on that.  Do you really see as many motorists blowing through stop signs w/o either slowing or looking either way?  I don’t.  

    I’m not talking about rolling, or any version of a modified stop.  Just wheeeeee… stops signs aren’t for me.  

    I almost never see car drivers doing this, though on occasion I’ve missed one myself. Very rare though.

    Bikers, not so much.