Op-Ed: Is Berkeley High hacking incident a learning opportunity?

Earlier this month it was revealed that several students at Berkeley High School had hacked into the school’s computerized attendance system using a teacher’s password and made unauthorized adjustments to attendance records. Four students instigated the scam which involved, in some cases, selling absence clearances to around 50 students. Suspensions followed and talk of expulsion in two cases.

Education expert Lisa Petrides would like to know why the students did what they did, and suggests, in an Opionator column published on Berkeleyside, that BHS may be able to turn the incident around by converting cheaters into achievers — and, in so doing, improve the educational environment for everyone concerned.

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  • iicisco

    Well lets see here, the retrieval of a password via the saved passwords section of a browser is NOT hacking it’s just theft of School property. Also Tracey is it really in B-Sides best interest to beat a dead horse? You are aware retaliation is something the involved parties are STILL dealing with and probably don’t appreciate Lisa Petrides asking questions of WHY they did it-NOW. Actually it’s sort of a oxymoron. Yes, that’s right the school administration didn’t ask WHY they did it. After you’ve cornered the suspects, you would think the BUSD would be curious into what led the Students into taking the password and distributing it. B-Side should go speak to Daniel Roose (Dean of Attendance) & Adarius McDonald (Dean of Students) on WHY did they NOT bother asking “Why did you do it?” Unless they have played some role in this scandal “we” don’t know about. In my opinion, the district should let go both Deans. Why? Do we really need an appointed full time employee to handle excessvie absences/truancy’s? The answer is no. Attendance trouble should be turned over to Elizabeth James in the attendance office or reported to Susan Craig, Director of Student Services if it gets to severe. We’ve got David Luu in OCI who handles just about everything so what the hell do we need McDonald for? All we’re doing is paying him to sit on his ass all day. Or hit on the guardians of students, who happen to get into trouble (this might be a news flash for some of you, but it’s a well known fact that the security guards engage in Sexual Harassment with the female body of students). REFORM BHS!

  • batard

    care to unwind those thoughts into something coherent?  you could try using bullet points ..