Op-Ed: What price democracy in Berkeley?

Tonight the Berkeley City Council will vote on whether to adopt a resolution submitting what is known as the Sunshine Ordinance to a vote of the people in the November general election. Dean Metzger and Josh Wolf of the Berkeley Sunshine Committee believe the $2 million price tag that the City calculates is needed to comply with the proposed ordinance is overinflated, and designed to “convince voters to turn their backs on open government.” Read their op/ed piece published in Berkeleyside’s Opinionator section.

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  • Get Real

    Another scheme to allow the “few” to continue hijacking Berkeley’s byzantine public processes. TOO MUCH ALREADY!! The Sunshine Ordinance will grind an already too slow city hall to a standstill. Do NOT use my tax dollars for this.

  • BerkeleyCommonSense

    What he said!