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The Berkeley Wire: 05.22.12

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Big Screen Berkeley: Polisse, a gritty focus on abuse

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The stories depicted in the French drama Polisse are, the film’s prologue assures us, based on real-life cases handled by the Paris Sûreté’s Child Protection Unit. I’ve no reason to doubt that claim, but, despite its factual provenance and shelf load of awards (including the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s Cannes Film Festival), Polisse (opening at Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas on Friday, May 25) is more grindhouse exploitation flick than hard-hitting arthouse exposé.

Written and directed by Maïwenn (born Maïwenn Le Besco) , the film is an episodic ensemble piece in which a group of morally compromised, manipulative, and incredibly grumpy police officers humiliate people, abuse suspects, and generally get on each other’s nerves. This is probably not surprising, as their job basically consists of separating parents from their children. … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

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WHERE’S MY PIZZA PIE? After 20 months of serving up thin-crust pizza, salad, and frozen custard, Addie’s Pizza Pie at 3290 Adeline has shut its doors. A sign posted in the window reads “Folks, Thank you for all your past support. We have had to close nonetheless. Who knows what will happen next.” Co-owners Jennifer Millar and Tom Schnetz will still offer up  their culinary talents, however. Millar owns the nearby, always busy, Sweet Adeline Bakshop and Schnetz co-owns Tacubaya on Fourth, as well as three other restaurants in Oakland.

CHEESY CHEW Grilled cheese sandwich chain The Melt will open a new spot at 2400 Telegraph Avenue near the Cal campus soon, according to Grub Street SF. The Melt is the brainchild of Flip cam founder Jonathan Kaplan whose plan is to expand nationally. So far, the company has three locations in downtown S.F. and one at Stanford. … Continue reading »

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Hunt for police chief’s son’s iPhone cost $740 in overtime

BPD Chief Michael Meehan: two outside agencies have been hired by the city after a mistake he made on March 9
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It cost the city of Berkeley about $740 in overtime pay to have 10 detectives search for Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan’s son’s missing iPhone.

Three detectives and a sergeant from the property crimes unit put in two hours of overtime each when they scoured a north Oakland neighborhood for the stolen phone on January 11, according to Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, the BPD’s public information officer. Detectives get paid $90.26 an hour in overtime pay and sergeants get $98.63 an hour. The figure does not include the regular pay for those investigating, which included members of the Drug Task Force. All together, Berkeley police officers spent about 10 hours collectively investigating this crime, said Kusmiss. … Continue reading »

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