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  • The process of Hydraulic Fracturing, or “fracking” — extracting gas or petroleum from rock layers by boring deeply underground and pumping water, sand and other chemicals into fissures — is making news headlines. It also forms the vortex of ‘The Great Divide” an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s “Enemy of the People” produced by Berkeley’s Shotgun Players. Below, Lou Fancher reviews the play, and Adam Tolbert interviews the play’s playwright, Adam Chanzit.

  • If you have lived in Berkeley for a while, you have probably crossed paths with Edythe Boone. A spry 74-year old with a quick laugh, Boone has worked as a counsellor and as a health activist, and taught art at several local schools, including currently at Berkwood Hedge and West Oakland Middle School. With her warm personality, she imbues the very young, as well as the very old, with the spirit of creativity. She also transforms lives.

  • Berkeley’s city charter makes the City Manager one of the most powerful political posts in city government yet it largely immunizes the manager from public insight, oversight, and removal from office, argues Thomas Lord in a new Opinionator piece. The charter’s specifications of tenure, authority, and reporting obligations interact in ways that help to keep the public in the dark and the council and public weak regarding the day to day operations of the city, he says. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the structure of our municipal government?