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The Berkeley Wire: 06.27.12

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Join us for a Berkeley July 4th

Diana Howard sent us a sketch last year of the Round Park July 4th celebration. We're calling all artists -- and even the non-artistic -- to let us know about your Berkeley4th next week.
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Last year, we tried a July 4th experiment on Berkeleyside. We encouraged readers to tweet, Facebook, blog, take photos and send us comments on what makes a Berkeley July 4th. We want to do it again this year, except make it even bigger and more inclusive.

We want to hear from you whether you’re attending the big city festivities at the Marina, joining a neighborhood celebration, doing a backyard barbecue with your family, or perhaps ignoring all the hoopla.

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City Council approves pools measure, debates streets

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A comparatively quiet City Council meeting sprang into life late last night as councilmembers discussed whether to prioritize street repair over watershed improvements in a November ballot bond measure. The council also approved unanimously to put a $19.4 million pools bond measure on the ballot, along with a parcel tax to pay for pools’ operational costs.

Public comment focused exclusively on the long-running campaign to restore the Willard Pool and the city’s warm pool. Although pools supporters were cheered by the unanimous support for the measure, many expressed concern about the need for a second tax measure. The measures are linked — both need to pass for either to be brought into effect.

“Just getting a bond measure is not enough. We need a bond measure that can pass,” said pools supporter Donna Mickleson. She described the “poison pill” of the linked measures as “disastrous.” … Continue reading »

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Old Cal Memorial Stadium for sale, one bleacher at a time

Cal Memorial Stadium
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Cal fans might describe Eric Gellerman as a hero. Gellerman is a wood aficionado who owns Berkeley’s salvaged wood furniture store, The Wooden Duck. A few weeks ago, he discovered that all the bleachers that had been torn out of Memorial Stadium as part of its major retrofit were sitting in a warehouse in Oakland bound for an uncertain future in Mexico.

Gellerman knew he had to save them, particularly when he saw the long, paint-stained lengths of wood stamped with seat numbers on both sides. There was more than 90 years worth of history and all manner of emotions ingrained into those bleachers.

But, initially, even Gellerman didn’t even realize what a trove he had stumbled upon.

“I was shown some samples that were Douglas Fir,” he said recently at The Wooden Duck’s headquarters overlooking I-80 and the bay. “I loved the numbered wood and agreed to buy 20,000 linear feet of it.” … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 9:00 am: Fiat Slug correctly identified this as Berkeley BART Station.  Entrance from Shattuck and Addison. Congratulations, Fiat Slug, on being this week’s winner.

Photo: K. Lenihan.

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