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The Berkeley Wire: 07.05.12

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University, Berkeley, Albany reject armored vehicle

Three local police agencies had planned to purchase a Lenco BearCat G3 with a UASI grant. Photo: Lenco
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The planned joint acquisition of an armored vehicle by the University of California Police Department, Berkeley Police Department and Albany Police Department has been cancelled. A statement from UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau today said, “Campus administrators evaluated the proposal and concluded that such a military-style vehicle is not the best choice for a university setting. UC Berkeley officials are in the process of canceling the order for the vehicle.”

According to a university spokesperson, senior administrators at the university became aware of the purchase “approximately two weeks ago” in an internal review process. Senior officials consulted with UCPD on the matter before the decision to cancel was made. The cancellation statement was also signed by Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and Albany Mayor Farid Javandel.  … Continue reading »

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Food, festivities and flags: Berkeley celebrates July 4th

Photo by Steven Fruhwirth: "Our son Zander Fruhwirth, 4 years old, was a boy in a bubble today at the Berkeley Marina!"
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We asked you to share your Berkeley Independence Day with us. And share you did. Today, we are delighted to present a Berkeley July 4th — by, with, and starring you, the Berkeleyside community.

Early morning

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Late morning

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Kelly Cash shared a children’s poem about the Fourth of July that she wrote “many moons ago” when she spoke at the annual Claremont neighborhood Independence Day parade that culminates at Round … Continue reading »

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Foxtails Brigade: Roots on Berkeley’s Fourth Street

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On a sunny day, Berkeley offers few better venues than the corner of Fourth Street in front of Peet’s Coffee. Prime real estate for buskers, the unregulated spot seems to attract an unusually accomplished array of performers, from Berkeley High jazz combos and string bands to soul outfits and lone fingerstyle guitarists.

Hanging out there last year with my toddling daughter led to my first encounter with Foxtails Brigade, a captivating chamber pop band created by Oakland guitarist/vocalist Laura Weinbach. While she launched Foxtails in 2006 with violinist Sivan Sadeh, by the time I caught up with her she had recreated the duo with violinist Anton Patzner, a highly sympathetic accompanist who’s also a founding member of the East Bay string metal trio Judgment Day. … Continue reading »

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