Demolition and building at Berkeley branch libraries

Demolition at West Branch. Photo: Berkeley Public Library

Demolition began Wednesday on the West Branch of the Berkeley Public Library on University Avenue and, within a few hours, the bulldozers had knocked down much of the building.

The West Branch, which was constructed in 1923, is being torn down to make way for a larger and more modern building. When completed in 2013, it will be 9,400 square feet, almost a third larger than the old structure. It will also be zero net energy, which means it will produce more energy than it consumes through the solar panels on the roof.

Work is also progressing on the South Branch of the library on Russell Street. Last week construction crews pumped in concrete to form the new foundation.

The new Claremont and North Branches are already open, paid for by Measure FF,  a $26 million bond. The bond does not pay for furniture or equipment for the renovated branches. The Berkeley Public Library Foundation is raising funds for that. The group has already raised more than $2.6 million and it hopes to raise a total of $3.5 million.

For up to date information on the libraries construction, follow the Branch Improvement Blog.

Pumping concrete to form a concrete slab for the South Branch. Photo: Berkeley Public Library

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  • Th

    Wouldn’t that be negative net energy?

  • Guest

     True. I wonder how long the building would have to exist to pay back the energy for the demolition of the old building and the construction of the new building.

  • SarahS

    Wasn’t the West branch closed for almost a year for renovations just a couple of years ago??? I’m sure it was.

    I’ve voted for my last library bond issue. If the library can do all this new building and still can’t find the money to pay people to put DVD fiction films in order at Central (They just toss all the “A”s together, same with the Bs) or actually register the titles of paperback books so you know what they have in the collection and what’s in or out,
    I’m not paying more. And I have voted for every library bond in my adult life. 

  • Anonymous

     It was renovated in the 70s I believe. But yes, there’s no shortage of unemployed Berkeley residents who enjoy the largess of our social programs and should be volunteering shelving books, picking up litter on the street, etc. It will never happen though.

  • Mr. Bill

    Why should unemployed people be volunteering to shelve library books? For which social programs would you tie a requirement that individuals volunteer to reshelve books. I don’t follow your logic.