The Berkeley Wire: 08.09.12

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  • Guest

    (The Kornbluth link is broken)

  • Frances Dinkelspiel

    Try again. It works on my computer

  • publius

    About Nicole Drake’s absences (first link), I don’t know what she means by, “It’s coming up now because I’m running for re-election”. A lot of Berkeley residents and students who attend the meetings complain about her missed attendance. I recall even at meetings I was in 2011. I’m just glad the other rent board commissioners have spoken up for the residents.
    If anything, putting the viewpoints on issues aside, I think this is a matter of efficient use of time and resources. If someone is seriously as busy as to miss 10 out of 18 meetings, then our public resources are going to waste. Voters should think long and hard before voting for her again.J

  • anonymouse

    Nicole is not a threat to the Rent Board commissioners; she is a threat to affordable housing.

    If the Berkeley Property Owners Association support her, it will be quite ironic given that she represents the worst of the abuses she herself sought out to identify in the Grand Jury report – someone who doesn’t do any work, but still collects her stipend, which ultimately comes out of the landlords’ registration fees.

  • bgal4

    You say “I think this is a matter of efficient use of time and resources”

    I heard the rent board for the first time a few weeks ago.  OMG, listening to that bloated body of self important commissioners should discourage anyone from becoming a tax paying property owner in Berkeley. During the segment we heard they 9 person body attempted to coordinate their personal calendars for a special meeting to discuss the grand jury report. It was a perfect example of inefficient government and wasting staff time. One of the commissioner  cracked a cynical joke to that effect.

    We also heard the commissioners debate the staff recommendation regarding a tenant request for an adjustment because her kitchen no longer included a pull out cutting board and one cabinet because of improvements made by the landlord. They debated the percent based on the time she was inconvenienced by repairs and the lost of use of the very important cutting board space.  The discussion was so ridiculous it dawned on me that a youtube video showing segments of rent board meetings would be a great way to expose the absurdities the rent board has become.

    I am no apologist or supporter of Drake, but if the reason her pro-tenant slate peers are now lobbying against her is her support of the Grand Jury conclusion, I want to hear more, not less from her.

  • publius

    The fact of the matter is that this is not an anti- vs. pro-rent control issue, or even about one’s level of satisfaction with the work the Rent Board does. The point is that Nicole has bilked landlords of thousands of dollars (after all, registration fees are partially used to pay for commissioner stipends) by not showing up to meetings and still collecting her stipend. It’s hard to hear from Nicole when she’s not there. Public officials at their worst.