Roster of 2012 Berkeley candidates firms up

Acting City Clerk Mark Numainville reviews Mayor Tom Bates’ papers for the mayoral race in City Hall on Thursday, Aug. 10. Nils Moe, one of the mayor’s aides, is in the rear. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel

Incumbent Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates will face five challengers for his seat in November, while City Councilmember Darryl Moore will have two challengers and Max Anderson and Laurie Capitelli will each have one. City Councilmember Susan Wengraf will run unopposed.

Friday Aug. 10 at 5 pm was the deadline for candidates to turn in their paperwork to the City Clerk’s office in order to qualify for the November 6 ballot. The candidates in races for mayor, City Council, and Rent Stabilization Board were finalized, but the school board race filings will be extended until Wednesday.

“It was very busy,” said Acting City Clerk Mark Numainville, who said he did not leave the office until 8 pm. “We did 16 candidates on Friday. There were a few people in the morning, but most people came in the afternoon. That’s typical.”

The five candidates who qualified for the mayor’s race include City Councilmember Kriss Worthington, businesswoman Jacquelyn McCormick, and political activists Zachary Running Wolf and Khalil Jacobs-Fantuzzi.

Four others who had taken out papers did not complete their applications: Mark Schwartz, Eric John Clyman, Cornelia Furey, and Mary Rose Kaczorowski, according to Numainville. Stephen P. Flegal failed to turn in enough qualified signatures to get on the ballot, he said. (Each candidate needs 20 signatures from registered Berkeley voters.)

Moore will face DJ and musicologist Adolfo Cabral and Denisha DeLane, former legislative assistant to Councilmember Margaret Breland, in November. David Tursi, who had taken out papers, failed to turn in enough qualified signatures, said Numainville.

Capitelli will face ZAB Commissioner Sophie Hahn. Anderson will face Dmitri Belser, the executive director for the Center for Accessible Technology,.

Fred Dodsworth, who had taken out papers for District 6, did not turn them in so Wengraf will run unopposed.

The filing period for the school board has been extended to Wednesday Aug. 15 at 5 pm since incumbent Jon Selawsky did not take out papers, said Numainville. That extension was automatic.

Judy Appel, Norma Harrison, Tracy Hollander and incumbent Beatriz Levya-Cutler will be competing for two seats on the school board.

In the race for Rent Stabilization Board, there are eight candidates running for four seats: Asa Dodsworth, Nicole Drake, Judy J. Hunt, Jay James, Judy Shelton, Kiran Shenoy, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, and Igor Tregub.

Two others who took out papers, John Nguyen and Al Murray, did not complete their applications, said Numainville.

While political campaigning will gear up in September, the shape of the mayoral campaign was clarified Thursday when candidate Khalil Jacobs-Fantuzzi called a press conference to announce his candidacy. Kriss Worthington and Jacquelyn McCormick also attended and the three announced they were coordinating their campaigns to try to defeat Bates.

Berkeley will use a ranked choice voting system in November, which means voters will rank their top three choices for mayor (and city council). If a no candidate gets 50% of the vote, the system will automatically knock off the candidate with the fewest number of #1 votes. Then every vote cast for that last-place candidate will be transferred to the voter’s next-ranked choice among the remaining candidates. This will continue until one candidate is the winner.

While Worthington and McCormick emphasized they were very different types of candidates with differing positions on the issues, they said they would encourage their supporters to cast their #2 and #3 votes for anyone but Bates.

“I am not part of a coalition,” said McCormick. “All of us are running our campaigns independently. I am working to ensure that Tom Bates doesn’t get reelected. So is Kriss. So is Khalil.”

Worthington concurred.

“We are displaying the kind of cooperation that Berkeley voters deserve,” said Worthington. “The three of us clearly have very different perspectives and experience and priorities but all of us — and many more — are ready to have a new mayor,”

Bates said that while the race may be cast as “Anything But Tom,”  he plans to run a positive campaign.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Bates said Thursday after he turned in his campaign forms. “I think this is probably the last time I will have the opportunity to be elected to public service… For my case, it’s very important for me to get 50% on the first vote. I will get second votes but not to a great extent. It will be Tom versus a group of people who are disenchanted. We are obviously going to take this very seriously.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh god.

  • Anonymouser

    Can we petition the UN to take over the city or maybe convince the police to form a military junta?

  • PragmaticProgressive

    I am very unnerved by the stance of the Anybody But Bates triumvirate.  Worthington would be an unmitigated disaster.  

    PS It’s Levya-Cutler, not Levy-Cutler.

  • bgal4

    Don’t despair friend, Jacqueline McCormick is knowledgeable, sincere and a breath of fresh air. I had a chance to speak with her at length and am very happy she stepped up and is offering us a viable alternative.

  • JohnD

    I am a big ranked choice voting supporter. 

    But wow. Kriss Worthington, 
    Zachary Running Wolf and Khalil Jacobs-Fantuzzi. Should be an interesting race! 

    Hopefully during the debates they have a way to mute microphones or we will be getting a repeat of city council meetings!

  • Chrisjuricich

    I have not followed Berkeley politics as much as I should have over the past 18 years or so that I have lived here, but in that desPITE the Berkeley supposition that we are all very political in this town, I think I’m typical.

    Be that as it may, I intend to check up on the various mayoral candidates’ platforms and see what’s what. I recall that Mayor Bates was caught throwing out newspapers that carried some damning and critical opinions of him which I found, if not appalling, simply petty. For that reason alone I would vote his hind parts out of office.

  • The Sharkey

    With this list of challengers, unfortunately that would be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your Bates.

    I’m not a big fan of Bates but other than Jacquelyn McCormick (who I disagree with about sit/lie and some development issues) the other options are pretty terrible.

  • The Sharkey

    She’s stated that she’s against the sit-lie ordinance.

  • bgal4

     However she is knowledgeable of how to address the two primary groups of people engaged in nuisance activity.  Sit-lie ordinance are just one tool, a tool that is proven to not be very successful in addressing the problems. Again targeted focused enforcement and social services is the only way to identify the chronic service resistant individuals causing the majority of daily problems. The other group is traveling street kids. If you read CW Nevius in the Chronicle he has been reporting in depth on sit/lie for many years. The most recent article explained the travelers or gutter punks easy avoid sit/lie by moving into parks.

    Send her a message to hear directly from her what she proposes as an alternative.

  • The Sharkey

    Sit-lie ordinance are just one tool, a tool that is proven to not be very successful in addressing the problems.

    Sit-lie works in some areas, and doesn’t work in other areas, depending on whether or not the enforcement is consistent.

    The failure in San Francisco is unsurprising since there has been no attempt at actually enforcing the law, but it has worked fairly well at cleaning up downtown Santa Cruz.

    I don’t have a problem with transients/gutter punks moving into parks during the day if they don’t want to take advantage of city services. The point of a sit/lie ordinance is to get people off the sidewalks in business areas during business hours, not to ban sitting city-wide.

    However I think we ought to consider imposing a curfew in public parks if we want to avoid another Occupy Berkeley tent city.

  • The Sharkey

    The ANYBODY BUT BATES people kind of remind me of the ANYBODY BUT OBAMA people who hate Obama so much that they are willing to vote for a terrible candidate ticket like Romney/Ryan who they don’t even agree with and who would almost certainly be worse than Obama.

  • Charles_Siegel

    City parks close at 10PM.  If anyone is camping there, you just have to wait until 10 and then call the police to complain.

    Of course, this doesn’t apply when the city deliberately chooses not to enforce, as in Occupy Berkeley.

  • bgal4

    According to Nevius’s recent report SFPD  focuses enforcement in the Haight, the results are instructive for Berkeley.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    In this case what concerns me is that it’s the candidates themselves doing the ABB dance.  That kind of scorched earth politics is par for the course for rabid partisans, but not for candidates trying to impress us with their gravitas.  If McCormick wants to be taken seriously, she should call Worthington out for being an obstructionist, not link arms with him for another round of “We Shall Not Be Moved.”

  • The Sharkey

    If there’s a curfew in the parks that’s news to me! I see people camping overnight in Civic Center park directly across from BPD Headquarters almost every night.

  • The Sharkey

    They don’t so much focus enforcement on the Haight as they completely ignore enforcement in the rest of the City.

    Still, even with lax enforcement in the Haight, the area is at least a bit better than it used to be, and thanks to sit/lie most gutter punks on Haight Street are easily shooed away from storefronts and off to Golden Gate Park with some stern looks and finger waggling from SFPD.

  • Guest

     Bates complains of conditions that were created or worsened or left unaddressed during his tenure as mayor.  Therefore, he is NOT the answer.

  • GeorgeDorn

    Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a litmus test. Question: which is most likely to avoid the disaster of a Worthington mayorship? (1) A “bullet vote” for Bates, or (2) Ranked vote for Bates/McCormick, or (3) Ranked vote for McCormick/Bates.

    The devil is in the details of how the IRV system works here.

    Also: if Worthington does win the mayor’s office, what happens to his seat on the Council? I’m guessing there’d be a special election, with some possibility of someone like George Beier winning.

  • GeorgeDorn

    I have to say, as I did back when this issue was front-and-center at this site, it’s not sitting that concerns me so much as behavior intended to distract passersby and disturb their peace of mind, either for kicks, or to solicit handouts.

    If Ms. McCormick has a way to let James Armstrong live in peace but keep the horrible “spare some change” lady from reappearing outside the library, that would be fine by me.

    That lady seems to have disappeared since this issue came to prominence. I wonder if she’s been told to lie low until after the election. But there’s still an annoying dude who blocks the sidewalk outside one of the downtown movie theaters, loudly hawking his Street Spirits.

  • GeorgeDorn

    After a little research, I’ve concluded that a “bullet vote” isn’t the way to go in Berkeley unless you only care about your first choice. The City of Berkeley page on the Ranked Choice Voting system is at

    At first glance, it seems that if I genuinely prefer Bates-then-McCormick, I should rank them in that order. But there is a risk that in a tight three-way race, if McCormick is eliminated in the third-to-last round of vote counting, most of her ballots would transfer to Worthington. I might be better off picking McCormick as my first choice. That may increase the chance that Bates will be eliminated, but it also may make it more likely that Worthington will be eliminated before a final Bates-McCormick showdown.

    I doubt most voters would make this sort of analysis, but it does point to one fact: Bates may be well-advised to court McCormick voters even if McCormick has thrown her lot in with Worthington & Jacobs-Fantauzzi.