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The Berkeley Wire: 08.15.12

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Neighborhood project collects food for the hungry

The Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project works on a simple premise: people buy one extra non-perishable item each time they go to the store and place it in a bright green bag for bi-monthly pick up. Here, Phil Catalfo's trunk is filled with empty and full bags. Photo: Don Prichard
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By Phil Catalfo

Over the last two months, a small cadre of volunteers has fanned out across Berkeley to enroll their neighbors in an effort to support the work of the Berkeley Food Pantry and help feed hungry families in our community. Since 1969, the Pantry, a project of the Berkeley Friends Church, has been combating hunger, feeding about 700 families a month by utilizing food obtained from the Alameda County Community Food Bank, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, other sources, and donations. The new effort, dubbed the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project (BNFP), aims to supplement the invaluable work that the Pantry, the food bank, and others have been doing—and to provide Berkeley residents with a more immediate way to help the hungry in our town.

The design of the project is brilliant in its simplicity: People are asked to buy one extra non-perishable item each time they go grocery shopping. These items are saved up in a reusable green shopping bags (emblazoned with the BNFP logo) until they are collected by project volunteers (who replace them with empty bags for the next collection). The bags are picked up at donors’ homes every two months, always on the second Saturday of an even-numbered month. … Continue reading »

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For REALM students, it’s been a jazzy summer

Kaila Cherry has learned to play jazz on her guitar at the REALM music program. Photo: REALM
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If you happen to be on 4th Street this afternoon between 2-4 pm take a few minutes to check out the jam session in front of Peet’s Coffee. The kids are students at REALM, Berkeley’s first charter school, and most of them attended the school’s summer jazz camp. The camp was organized by saxophonist/bassist Peter Hargreaves, a Berkeley High grad (class of 2004) who was hired to run the new school’s music program. The jam session is part of his effort to collect instruments for REALM’s music program (they need saxophones, trumpets, trombones, violins, cellos, keyboards and pianos).

“Another thing is it’s an opportunity for the students, especially those at the summer camp, to have something to keep practicing for throughout the summer,” says Hargreaves, who notes that some friends from his Berkeley High Jazz Band days will be dropping by to sit in. “It’s a chance to play and interact with older musicians. On the other side, it would be great to have a few more instruments.”

In looking to raise awareness about REALM, Hargreaves aims to start building a parent support group for the music program like the one that has sustained jazz at Berkeley High for decades. During the year he tapped into Berkeley High’s extensive network of jazz band alumni, recruiting drummer Josh Jones to teach a percussion class. The summer music camp drew on the same vast pool of talent. … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

When in Berkeley?

Photo: Bancroft Library

Instead of Where in Berkeley? this week we have When in Berkeley? Can anyone identify what is happening in the photo and when it took place?

Answer: That is Mario Savio giving a talk on Nov. 9, 1964, about a month after he first came to widespread recognition for leading a 32-hour sit in protesting the arrest of Jack Weinberg in Sproul Plaza. Kudos to Kkhunziker for guessing 1965.

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