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The Berkeley Wire: 08.21.12

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

Body Time's Telegraph store is planned to set a new style for the chain. Photo: Lance Knobel
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BACK IN TIME  Body Time, which was founded 42 years ago on Telegraph Avenue, has found its way back to its roots with a new store on Telegraph, just north of Channing. “I love Telegraph,” said Terra De Almeida, president of Body Time. She said the recent opening of The Melt, and the lines at the nearby ice cream sandwich specialist Cream, give her a lot of confidence about the location.

The Telegraph Avenue store, which opened today, is Body Time’s fifth, and the third in Berkeley, which is where the company is headquartered. De Almeida said the company hopes to expand to San Francisco, which used to have four Body Time stores, and “through the tunnel”, possibly to Walnut Creek. … Continue reading »

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BHS alum has ‘Daddy Skills’ in new DJ Dave video

Even rockers and rappers grow up and have kids. Two Berkeley High alums, both musicians, have collaborated on a music video that, while being upbeat and funny, also makes a candid stab at exploring the peculiar transition that happens when you segue from carefree youth into parenthood.

DJ Dave, aka David Wittman, will be known to Berkeleyside readers as the creator, via his company Fog and Smog, of the popular “Whole Foods Parking Lot” video, and the “Berkeley Enough” follow-up he put out with local performer LaeCharles Lawrence. Wittman met Sam Dorman at Berkeley High, although Dorman graduated in 1994, two years behind Witman. The pair got to know each other well when they both lived in Los Angeles. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley lawn bowlers repeat “Meat Axe” triumph

Lawn Bowlers from Berkeley And Palo Alto Pose Ahead of Meat Axe Tournament
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By Jim Corr

As reported on these pages last year, players from the Berkeley and the Palo Alto Lawn Bowling clubs vie for control of their own version of the Axe (akin to the trophy contested at the annual Cal-Stanford “Big Game”.)

This weekend, in another highly competitive match, Berkeley triumphed for the second time in recent years, retaining the cleaver that has been proudly displayed in its clubhouse for the past 12 months.

Palo Alto, which has a membership more than double that of Berkeley’s, fielded a very strong team and were clearly determined to wrest back the trophy they had held for the previous decade, winning three of the five morning games. But, as happened last year, Berkeley stormed back after lunch, winning all five of the second round of matches. … Continue reading »

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‘Pretty Poison’: Free outdoor screening at BAM-PFA

a pretty posion anthony perkins PRETTYPOISON-8
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No one else could portray neurotic young men quite as well as Anthony Perkins. From Fear Strikes Out to Psycho and beyond, Perkins specialized in playing guys who, despite being burdened with major psychological problems, could still engage an audience’s sympathy — even after committing murder in a spooky old motel.

Though getting a little long in the tooth for such roles by 1968 (he was 36 that year), Perkins remained up to the task for director Noel King’s Pretty Poison. Perkins’ performance in this hard to pigeonhole character study can be enjoyed at 8:30 pm on Friday, August 24th, when the film makes a rare repertory appearance as part of Pacific Film Archive’s annual (and free) sculpture garden lawn screening.

Dennis Pitt (Perkins) is a parolee ready to re-enter society. Having accrued a good record during his confinement (for what is not immediately clear), Pitt makes a misstep with sympathetic case officer Azanauer (John Randolph) by joking – we think! — about the secret course he’s recently taken in interplanetary navigation. The overworked Azanauer has arranged accommodations and a job for him at a lumber mill, and doesn’t want to hear about Dennis’s dreams of piloting the first manned flight to Venus. … Continue reading »

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