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Berkeley police investigating carjacking on Benvenue Avenue, Friday

Berkeley police are investigating a carjacking that took place at 7:55 pm on Friday Aug. 24 in the 2500 block of Benvenue Avenue.

A male adult was waiting in his vehicle for a friend. He was approached by the unknown suspect, who was armed with a gun. The suspect ordered the victim out of the vehicle. Fearing for his safety, the victim got out of the car. The suspect fled the area, taking the victim’s vehicle.

The stolen vehicle is a gray, 2006, two-door Pontiac, GTO. The victim was not injured during the encounter.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 30 years old, 5’-10” tall, medium complexion, muscular build, and wearing all dark clothing.

If you have any information about this crime, please contact Berkeley Police Department on (510) 981-5900 (24 hours).

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  • Anon

    If you really fear for your safety, stomp on the gas, don’t get out of your car and start following the orders of an armed thug.

  • Workin2hard

    Is this really the safe thing to do?  From the report I sensed the victim was parked….perhaps between two cars.  How does one “stomp on the gas” to flee this sort of thing and how does this increased the likelihood of not being shot?  Honking horns and stomping on gas are good measures in certain situations.  The real problem here is what the heck is happening to our social fabric that makes some of us fear for safety and while others in our community see carjacking as a viable option. 

  • If that didn’t work in last week’s Breaking Bad, how is that going to work in real life?

  • GeorgeDorn

    I might consider it if the engine is running and I have a clear path. Otherwise: it’s just a car. Just don’t let yourself be forced to stay in the car by the carjacker.

  • a guest

    Television ≠ Real Life

  • Anonymous

    Just a car indeed, a Pontiac that the Kelly Blue Book says is worth about $14k. A cynical person might dismiss this as insurance fraud.

  • GeorgeDorn

    It’s up to you how much your life is worth of course. I wonder exactly how the insurance scam would work?

  • leilah

    Carjacking of a man “sitting in his car waiting for a friend,” three blocks ABOVE Telegraph Ave, with lower foot traffic with each block, by a man with a gun?  Sounds like a set-up, to me…a drug purchase gone awry….

  • Anonymous
  • GeorgeDorn

    I don’t see the connection to the second link, but thanks for the first one. In any case, whether someone else might fake a carjacking wouldn’t be on my mind when I was faced with someone carrying a gun.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the point is it would be an accomplice pointing the gun at you (if there really was a gun).  The accomplice takes the car and burns it (that was the story I was thinking when posting the wrong link there) and then you and accomplice split the insurance payout. Or you just lose the car and report a carjacking the next day.

  • Guest

    The insurance money most likely would go directly to the finance company which then would come after you for the amount still due on the loan after the insurance paid the depreciated value of the vehicle, very likely way less than the loan balance.


  • anotherguest

    Some people actually own their cars.  A lot of people, in fact.

  • Anonymous

    There has been a rash of car jackings and armed burglaries in Berkeley over the past week. BPD is not publishing the full details. Check the Chron for more info.