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Berkeley school board calls special meeting for Tuesday

The Berkeley Unified School District Board has announced that it will hold a special meeting tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 18, at 8:30pm at its new offices at 2020 Bonar Street.

The agenda at the closed meeting includes discussing the appointment of a new superintendent, a subject that has caused heated debate in the community over the past couple of weeks. At its Sept. 12 meeting, the board said it would be slowing down the recruiting process to continue doing due diligence on Edmond Heatley, who recently resigned from his post as Superintendent of the Clayton County, GA, school district, and is the only candidate in the running. The agenda also includes collective bargaining, student expulsions and conference with legal counsel. As is customary, the board will hear public testimony for 30 minutes before going into closed session.

The Board’s previously scheduled meeting on Wednesday this week will go ahead as planned, in the Old City Hall at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr Way, beginning at 7:30pm, although its agenda has been revised to reflect the addition of the new meeting.

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  • guest

    Thanks for staying on this, Berkeleyside!  Folks: show up tomorrow night even if you are shy about speaking (you don’t have to speak).  As long as the Board is still considering Dr. Heatley, we need to keep the pressure on.

  • Shutter

    Good job Berkeleyside. As for this Mr Heatley guy and his family hangers-on, how about looking for somebody who can keep a job more than a few years and has a proven ability to have a long view of success instead of job-hopping? 

  • Guest

    Just wondering if anybody can confirm if public comments begin at 8 or at 8:30

  • Guest2
  • Peggy

    BSide – do you know if BUSD will be able to broadcast his special meeting on ch 33? Echoing my thanks for your diligence on this story.

  • TizziLish

    It seems unlikely that a “closed meeting” would be broadcast, but the public comments, being open and public, might be.

  • Berkeley94703

    i am constantly being AMAZED by this school board … they appear unprepared, loquacious, and thrive on being the center of attention. so, how many of them did a google search, who went to visit the candidate’s current environment (and failed to uncover this) and why the hell do we have only one finalist? they should ALL be recalled for wasting the taxpayer’s money.
    last week’s meeting was televised … will this special meeting be televised at this new location?

  • Another twist, Berkeley94703. We just reported that Heatley has withdrawn himself from consideration for the post.

  • The Sharkey

    …they appear unprepared, loquacious, and thrive on being the center of attention.

    Sounds like your average politician. Maybe they’ll run for City Council once they’re done on the Board.