Berkeley: Look up for Space Shuttle Endeavour flyover

The Space Shuttle Endeavour will fly over the Bay Area on its way to its final resting place in Los Angeles. Photo: NASA

Space Shuttle Endeavour will be flying low over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Area tomorrow, Friday, as part of its farewell tour, and — if the weather is kind to us, and an early start isn’t a deterrent — Berkeleyans should be able to get some prime viewing.

It is the last chance to see the Endeavour in the air, riding piggy-back on a modified Boeing 747 jet, and it’s expected to be over the East Bay at about 8:30am.

It will then head over to San Francisco, making a tribute appearance over Moffett Field and NASA Ames, where much space shuttle work was carried out. Endeavour will land in Los Angeles where it is destined to be exhibited in the California Science Center in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park.

Berkeley viewers could try heading to the Lawrence Hall of Science, any parking bay on Grizzly Peak Blvd, the top of Claremont Canyon, Chabot Space and Science Center, Skyline Drive, or Cesar Chavez Park. But check the NASA website before setting out. The flyover has already been postponed from today due to an unfavorable weather forecast.

NASA is encouraging people to report Endeavour sightings using the hashtags #spottheshuttle and #OV105, Endeavour’s orbiter vehicle designation.

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  • guest


  • the deer.

    looks like, according to the Nasa site, that countdown starts at appx. 9am for the flyover.. So a little later..too bad kids will be inside classrooms for this!

  • Tarek Rached

    9am is the flyover at Moffet – the shuttle will be coming from Sacramento, so the East Bay flyover will be earlier.

  • guest

     How about letting them out?

  • Guest

    I hope some Berkeleyside readers get some good photos that they will share with us!

  • serkes

    Me too!

  • serkes

    Anyone know the exact route?  Carol thought it would fly over the Golden Gate … where to see it best would be a function of where it flies.

    Ira … who first saw a Shuttle at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition in New Orleans

  • Tarek Rached

    The Chron says “Unless weather forces an alternate route, Endeavour’s course will carry it directly over the Golden Gate and Bay bridges, and on toward Moffett Field and the NASA Ames Research Center for a pass over. The flyover at the research center will be a salute to the place where scientists and engineers played a major role in preparing all the space shuttles for orbital flight, NASA officials said.”

    (from )

  • serkes

    If that’s the route – Treasure Island might be a good place to be – I loved that photo of the shuttle/747 coming at the photographer

  • Guest

     I was kind of thinking of you when I wrote this, Ira!

  • Marc

    Because of expected fog, the flyover of the bridges is expected to be an hour later than originally planned, or at about 9:30 AM.  See this, for example, or the @NASAAmes and @NASA twitter feeds, and the hashtags mentioned above.  The Mercury News article has this additional note:  “SFO officials say there is a ‘strong rumor’ that the flight will be delayed about an hour more.”

  • Rachel Anderson

    I was hoping to take my kids up to Indian Rock and get a view.  School starts at 9:00 so maybe we’ll be watching video ….

  • serkes

    I was kind of thinking you might have been kind of thinking of me!

    ; )

  • serkes

    Or risk the wrath of the school and take them in a bit late?

    Ira … whose only children (that I know of) have 4 legs and fur

  • serkes

    Any idea how long it will take to come in from Sacramento?  

  • serkes

    Been burning up “the google” to figure out the route – 

    Here are some projections

    Will check in the morning … but for now, will use this as the expected route

    I’ll be the tall bearded guy with the camera.

    Then again, that probably describes 47% of the men in Berkeley tomorrow.


    I’ll decide where I’ll be tomorrow … Albany Hill? Berkeley Marina? Lawrence Hall of Science? Treasure Island?

  • serkes

    Sun’s position at 9:30 am


    Berkeley Marina/Albany Hill

    Treasure Island

    So … should be nicely lit when viewed from LHS; shooting into sun on arrival from other locations

    Nicely lit from all locations when flying above GGB & SF.


  • serkes

    Turns out that the delay had nothing to do with fog .. NASA decided to rename the shuttle “Jobs #1” and fly it over all the SF Bay Area Apple Stores the day the iPhone 5 is released .. and almost-the-first-day-of-fall.  

    Here’s the latest map of the Apple Store flyover


  • Csarkis

    Just saw this on twitter: The #spottheshuttle flyover will start near Sacramento at about 9:30, then proceed to east bay, SF, and then here at Ames!

  • Csarkis

    And this on the NASA site from 7 this morning: 
    Any time after 9:30 a.m. PDT, watch for Endeavour from viewing locations that include the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Chabot Space and Science Center, the California State Capitol, Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  • Anonymous

    My son’s teacher thought I was joking when I suggested that this morning. Go BUSD!

  • Don’t look up, look out. While flying over San Francisco Bay the craft will be flying at 1500 feet, which is lower then the top of Sutro Tower. From the Berkeley vantage point, it will be pretty low on the horizon. So, all those pesky houses and trees may get in the way of your view.

    However, it is possible that the craft may fly over the East Bay on it’s journey from Sacramento to San Francisco. Might might get a good view from the underside.

  • anne

    if the video is indeed live looks like it took off around 9:36. it’s on it’s way!

  • Bill

    Wow, just flew over going NE or so.

  • anne

    FYI, i think it just flew over campus!

  • This video is not live. Sorry everyone!

  • Pat Mapps

    I had to crop this to post.  This photo was taken from my living room window.  We live just below GPB.

  • Todd

    Flew directly overhead the house here in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley about 20 minutes ago! Had no idea this was happening today, until I heard a crescendoing low rumble and high pitched screeching shake the rooftop. Pretty surreal to poke one’s head out the window of an old villagey matchbox house in Berkeley to witness the belly of a ton’o steel and a retired space craft rattling the window panes from a mere few hundred feet up!

  • Mbfarrel

    ???? When I was in school all the kids would have been on the playground watching.
    A great example of what is possible.
     BUSD has become the place where nothing is possible.

  • How accurate were these projections, I wonder? Sounds like parts of SF’s SOMA never got a good view, but the view as it flew over Berkeley was awesome!

  • Guest

     There were kids out at Emerson, at least, because I could hear them start screaming as the shuttle approached. It made me really hope that at my daughter’s school they were let out to see it (of course she doesn’t go to Emerson, because it wouldn’t be Berkeley enough to assign a child to the school one block from her house, now would it?)

  • Guest

     It looks about right. It came at Berkeley more from the south and went through the center of campus, whereas this map makes it look like it was meant to only go over South Berkeley. It did loop around so it could pass by the GG Bridge twice, but it looped over the city rather than Sausalito. It buzzed the Bay Bridge twice, so people in SOMA should have had some decent views, I would think. Hard to tell from my Berkeley vantage-point, though.

  • Annaa

    Saw it flyover the Rose Garden at about 10 AM.  Sorry no photos.  It was very close.  Many school children were present.

  • Mbfarrel

    But look at how that’s closed the achievement gap.

  • guest

     Boo.  Hiss.

  • I can’t say what happened in all schools but my son’s freshman Latin class at BHS went outside and watched from the bleachers. He assured me that they were “20 times closer” than I was watching from The Claremont.

  • Anonymous

    Turns out the whole school got to see it and it was a huge success. The teacher in question is just the dolt I suspected she was.

  • serkes

    The approach from Hayward looked about right .. came straight at me for a bit – though not sure how far it was when I took the photo (very hazy, cropped photo)

    It went east of Albany Hill then circled around somewhere over Richmond.