Four goats in a Mercedes: Naturally, this is Berkeley

Mike’s goats travel in his car on their way to a lawn-mowing gig. Photo: Dayna Macy

Dayna Macy stepped out of her home in the Berkeley hills today and saw her neighbor Mike in his Mercedes, along with four goats. No big deal. Mike keeps the goats, and a few beehives, at his home and he was merely taking his four-legged pals to his friend’s bike shop where they would be put to work eating the grass behind the store.

Living lawn mowers are a fact of daily life in Berkeley, after all — if not the sight of them being transported in the family car.

Goats reduce fire hazards in the Berkeley hills [07.11.11]

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  • I got a goat off of Craigslist. I had him for about a week to help out with the weeding. 

    It worked. 

    Although – they are a little more trouble than they are worth. I would definitely be down if somebody else took the goat home at the end of the day. 

  • serkes

    So … 1 Oct is now Berkeleyside’s Goat Day – TWO stories!

    Goa(t)ing you on for more.


  • the deer.

    Love it! good idea for a grass control business..

  • the deer.

    no milk? that could be an added benefit..

  • Pwll

    We had goats when I lived in the Central Valley.  I often took kids that were having problems or rejected by their moms to school with me (I was a teacher).  The children loved keeping them warm (by holding them).  But they are a lot of work, and milking them and making cheese got old!  Not to speak of having to sell the babies.  I hated that and will never do it again.

  • The Sharkey

    Like many barnyard animals, goats can be very noisy and destructive.

  • Pwll

    Well, goats aren’t that noisy, but you don’t want to let them near your roses or your Pendleton shirts!  ;-)  They are browsers, rather than grazers, so if there’s a bush nearby they’ll go for the bush, and roses are like chocolate!  Yum, yum!

  • The Sharkey

    Depends on the breed and how much time you can spend with them, I guess. A friend used to own some Nigerian Dwarf goats (I think?) and they bleated like crazy all the time.