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The Berkeley Wire: 10.03.12

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Video: Berkeley group provides books for prisoners

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Most Sunday afternoons, a group of volunteers comes together in Berkeley to package up donated books and send them to people incarcerated in prison. The idea is simple and wholly worthwhile. The group finds that dictionaries and legal tomes are particularly popular, and they receive letters and feedback from inmates expressing their appreciation for the time and effort they put in.

Watch Kim Aronson‘s video snapshot of The Prisoners Literature Project.

Books for the The Prisoners Literature Project can be … Continue reading »


Help Berkeley schools: Perform an energy upgrade

Stopwaste.org will hold a workshop Oct. 4 on improving your home's energy. Photo: Shutterstock.com/ecological house
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In an effort to reduce energy consumption, Energy Upgrade California is sponsoring a contest that lets local schools win $250 for every household that completes an energy upgrade.

Last year, Alameda County schools raised $18,000 through “Energize for the Prize,” as the contest is called, with two Berkeley schools raising the most. Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement, a preschool, raised $5,700 and Rosa Parks Elementary School raised $3,500.

“Energize for the Prize is a real win-win in which residents help local schools raise thousands of dollars, while earning rebates for making their homes more energy-efficient,” said Wendy Sommer, principal program manager at StopWaste.Org, which is working with Energy Upgrade California. “Our goals this year are to provide schools with new ways to earn money, and to increase school and homeowner participation in order to educate more residents about the benefits of saving energy.” … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

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RUSTIC ON SHATTUCK  The lamented closure of nightclub Shattuck Down Low will be assuaged for some by the word that a new, stylish casual restaurant will be opening on the site, perhaps as early as January. Lisa Holt and David Shapiro of Rustic Restaurants LLC have a strong pedigree, having developed and launched the Milliken Creek Inn & Spa in Napa and the revamped Hotel Yountville. Holt told Diablo Magazine that the Berkeley project is planned as the first of several in the Bay Area. You can get a glimpse of the design aesthetic that Holt prefers from her current Pinterest page for Rustic. According to the Daily Cal, Down Low owner Daniel Cukierman is looking for a new site in downtown Berkeley.

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House fire on Berkeley’s Benvenue Avenue, no injuries

Benvenue fire by David Trachtenberg
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A home caught fire on Benvenue Avenue just north of Ashby in the early hours of Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses say the house in question was 2924 Benvenue and report seeing a significant blaze. A neighbor who lives on Ashby Avenue said she was woken by sirens and the smell of smoke inside her home at roughly 12:20 am on Wednesday.

According to a Bay City News report, the occupants of the single-family home were able to escape from the house uninjured and initial reports suggest that the three-alarm fire may have been caused by a propane tank in the rear of the house. According to one source, one of the occupants of the home was a wheelchair user and the fire police department got her safely out of the house. … Continue reading »


When in Berkeley?

WIB 10.03.12
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Rather than a “Where in Berkeley,” today, as we have done a few times before, we bring you a “When in Berkeley?”.

Have a guess when this photograph was taken, and tell us what it shows. (It goes without saying you won’t simply Google it.)  As usual, let us have your answers in the Comments.

Update, 9:39 am: John Holland got it. This photo was taken on May 23, 1908 and shows the Morrell Airship flying low over Berkeley High School. … Continue reading »

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