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The Berkeley Wire: 10.09.12

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Independent expenditure funds Worthington billboard

A billboard promoting Kriss Worthington's mayoral campaign on University Avenue. Photo: Lance Knobel
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Drivers on University Avenue might have noticed large billboards for mayoral candidate Kriss Worthington in the last week. But Worthington’s campaign did not buy the billboards. Instead, the Committee for a Progressive Berkeley, an independent organization established by Council Member Jesse Arreguín, spent $1,000 with CBS Outdoor for the billboards, one at Grant for eastbound traffic, the other at Curtis for westbound traffic.

“I did see the billboard when I was cycling on University,” Worthington told Berkeleyside this morning. “I didn’t know who paid for it.”  … Continue reading »

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UCPD officer in hospital after accidental shooting

UCPD badge
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A veteran officer of the University of California Police Department was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning after he accidentally shot himself in the leg while holstering his weapon, officials said.

Lt. Eric Tejada of the university Police Department said authorities are investigating whether an equipment malfunction may have resulted in the shooting.

Tejada said the officer was getting dressed for work around 8 a.m. when he shot himself in the leg with his Heckler & … Continue reading »

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Emilie Raguso joins Berkeleyside as senior reporter

Emilie Raguso, Berkeley's new senior reporter
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Keen-eyed readers may have noticed a new byline on Berkeleyside this morning when they read our weekly Shop Talk. Emilie Raguso joined Berkeleyside yesterday as senior reporter.

Raguso ran Albany Patch from April 2010 until last week. Have a look at the 79 comments and counting on her farewell post there to get a sense of the impact she had on Berkeley’s small neighbor to the north.

Raguso has lived primarily in the East Bay since 2004. … Continue reading »

Movies in Berkeley: Free screening of “As Goes Janesville”

As goes Janesville
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You’re no doubt familiar by now with Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but do you know from which town he hails? The answer is Janesville, Wisconsin, the small downstate city that’s also the focus of As Goes Janesville, a new documentary that is screening — for free —  at 7:00 pm this Wednesday, October 10th at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood.

For decades, the city’s fortunes were inextricably linked with those of General Motors, Janesville’s largest employer. GM operated an assembly plant from the early 1920s until late 2008, when the financial crisis dealt a fatal blow to consumer spending. After the final sport utility vehicle rolled off the line two days before Christmas, union jobs that had allowed generations of residents to buy homes, send their children to college, and (of course) purchase their own Chevys literally disappeared overnight.

In a community of 63,000, the loss of 11,000 well-paid jobs was a stunning blow. Hundreds of other Janesville residents were forced to relocate to Indiana or Texas, home foreclosures skyrocketed, and, in the space of only a few months, Paul Ryan’s hometown went from boom to bust. Atlas, of course, merely shrugged. … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

Pizza Moda
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THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM?  The University Avenue restaurant formerly known as Divino (and, before that, Fellini) closed in late summer after receiving mixed reviews from diners on Yelp. With no explanation via Twitter or Facebook, a reader told us, “they shut down and a sign popped up on the windows saying it would reopen in November as Pizza MODA with one of the original Fellini owners.” According to a job listing, posted in late September for a chef at the 75-seat pizza restaurant, Pizza MODA aims high: “think Dopo, Pizzaiolo, Gioia, Boot & Shoe and the café at Chez Panisse. The menu will be built from local, seasonal, fresh ingredients with a focus on uncomplicated and delicious.”

ARTFUL ADJUSTMENTS  What better time than National Chiropractic Health Month to get a peek inside a new Berkeley clinic and art space with more than a decade of history in Oakland? Friday, Oct. 12, The Good Life Chiropractic and The Good Life Gallery will invite in the public from 4-9 p.m. for an open house. Owner Sue Mullen said she decided to relocate her Oakland practice to the neighborhood where she lives: “Now my neighbors can walk to my clinic for the adjustments and walk home.” Her specialties include spinal trauma and extremity rehabilitation. Mullen said she plans to rotate featured artists in the gallery space throughout the year. … Continue reading »

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Darkly humorous “Assassins” provokes in election season

caption here
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It’s eerie watching Shotgun Player’s new production of Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins in the middle of a presidential race. You can’t help but wonder about the daily rallies with President Obama in front of masses of supporters. Assassins suggests that the discontented who might seek a single “historic” act are just too common in our society.

Assassins is a darkly humorous musical revue, with each of nine assassins taking their turn on stage. The father of them all is John Wilkes Booth (played by Galen Murphy-Hoffman), who opens the evening with his assassination of Lincoln offstage. Most of the other assassins and would-be assassins are far less well known. Charles Guiteau, played in a wonderful comic performance by Steven Hess, assassinated James Garfield in 1881 (then again, how many people remember Garfield, either?). Leon Czolgosz (played by a morose Dan Saski), who assassinated William McKinley in 1901, is another trivia answer, rather than a historic figure.  … Continue reading »

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