Independent expenditure funds Worthington billboard

A billboard promoting Kriss Worthington’s mayoral campaign on University Avenue. Photo: Lance Knobel

Drivers on University Avenue might have noticed large billboards for mayoral candidate Kriss Worthington in the last week. But Worthington’s campaign did not buy the billboards. Instead, the Committee for a Progressive Berkeley, an independent organization established by Council Member Jesse Arreguín, spent $1,000 with CBS Outdoor for the billboards, one at Grant for eastbound traffic, the other at Curtis for westbound traffic.

“I did see the billboard when I was cycling on University,” Worthington told Berkeleyside this morning. “I didn’t know who paid for it.” 

“This committee is a completely different twist on independent election committees,” Arreguín said. “They’re usually funded by business groups or people with deep pockets. This is a very grassroots effort. The whole purpose is to raise funds to support progressive candidates and positions on various ballot measures.”

According to election filings, the Committee for a Progressive Berkeley raised $1,070 in the third quarter, $1,000 of which was donated by Susan Swift, identified on the 460 form as an unemployed resident of El Sobrante. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner honored Swift, among others, as one of the women of the year for Assembly District 14 in 2010. Swift is board chair of Richmond-based non-profit Youth Enrichment Strategies.

Worthington said “he had no idea” who paid for the billboard.

“It would be more helpful if they just write a check to the campaign,” Worthington said. “I’m sure they mean well. I generally don’t support independent expenditures. It’s usually people with mega amounts of money.”

“That’s just an indication of how completely there’s been a lack of communication with Kriss on this issue,” Arreguín said, when Berkeleyside told him about Worthington’s reaction. “I formed this committee in August. We decided to do a billboard because I’ve never seen a candidate do a billboard [in a Berkeley city race]. We wanted to do something unique and different.”

Arreguín said he expects to do some more fundraising with his committee before the election.

“We’re getting some contributors. We haven’t been making an active push. But people have been contacting me and saying they want to support the committee,” he said. “It’s just me, basically. I’ve been the one deciding and doing the fundraising, and deciding what money is spent on.”

Worthington said his campaign had raised $19,029.86 in the third quarter (which compares to $43,656 for Mayor Tom Bates and $15,385 for Jacquelyn McCormick). His filings were not available through the online portal last week, he said, because of technical problems with uploading. He did mail a copy of his filing postmarked before the deadline, and also hand-delivered a copy to the City Clerk. According to Mary-Kay Clunies Ross, the city’s public information officer, the clerk’s office waits for six days after the deadline before sending out penalty notices for missed filings, in order to make sure filings with correct postmarks have been received.

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  • The Sharkey

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the Voter’s Edge site to load at all right now.
    Don’t know if the site is down, or if it’s just not playing nice with the Android phone OS.

  • EBGuy

     Stand up for the Right to Sit Down has collected $8k as of 9/30/12.  The largest contributor is Patricia E. Wall, an attorney at the Homeless Action Center.  She contributed over $5k of the total.  The next highest is contributor is boona cheema, ED of BOSS with a $500 donation.

  • Lhasa7

    Swiss Kriss Now. More Than Ever.

  • The Sharkey

    So it looks like those who benefit the most from our ever-increasing number of hostile gutter punks are the ones who are paying the most to try to keep us from passing Measure S.

    No surprise there.

  • berkeleyhigh1999

    a bus parks on my block, the bpd always comes out when it parks in the same space for more than 72 hours.

  • franhaselsteiner

    Most of the T money ($12,000) was used for a push poll: Hello, are you for jobs? Now I get a glossy marketing piece that lauds Measure T–all the benefits none of the downsides. That expense hasn’t shown on the reporting. Darryl, is this the reason you entered local politics? All you, none of the downsides like those pesky residents? Must applaud your marketing. A lot of money must be at stake. 

  • guest

    Kriss would be best out of politics altogether 

  • It’s responding well both on my computer and on the iPhone. Perhaps there was a brief downtime.

    Please look again.

  • You can also look at our Voter’s Edge site, which is more user friendly. We source the data from the portal EBGuy pointed to, but the interface there is not very helpful.

    Here’s the home page for our Measure S coverage on Voter’s Edge:

  • tenjen

    “That’s just an indication of how completely there’s been a lack of communication with Kriss on this issue,” Arreguín said. Lack of communication with one’s candidate is a good thing?

  • Sam Wellington

    is the sharkey a professional troll? Do you work for the Berkeleyside? Wow this blog is a disgrace, full of disgusting trolls.  

  • Sam Wellington

    wow there is a lot of hate and slander on this blog.  Where do you haters come from?  Kriss is a hard working member of the City Council agree with his politics or not he is an important member of the council.  He is not part of a huge political machine like Bates.  You people fail to mention the insider connections and back room deals Tom Bates makes to stay in power.  Bates will raise a huge amount of money from developers to fund his campaign and send mailer after mailer after mailer, hell he is probably paying some of you people to troll this site.  Kriss’s campaign like that of McCormicks is grass roots and volunteer based, cant say the same for Tom’s.  Thank you for running Kriss you have my vote because you believe in transparency, listening to your constituents, the right ammount of developement and sensible economic policies.