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The Berkeley Wire: 10.10.12

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Op-Ed: Measure S is a step backwards for Berkeley

Telegraph by Nancy
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In an Opinionator piece published today Elisa Della-Piana argues that Measure S, which, if passed, would prohibit sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas between 7am and 10pm, would establish the simple act of sitting as a crime in our community. It won’t improve business, solve homelessness or make us safer, she says. It’s an approach that doesn’t fit well with Berkeley, she adds —  and, perhaps most importantly of all, it’s not a law she will find easy to explain to … Continue reading »


Measure S is a step backwards for Berkeley

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When I told my five-year-old that it could soon be illegal to sit on a sidewalk in Berkeley, he said, “But we sit on the sidewalk!” I saw him imagining the police arresting him and his two-year-old sister and reassured him.

“They’ll probably mostly give tickets to homeless people,” I said.

“Why will they give tickets to only some people?” he asked.  He paused. “And, if homeless people don’t have houses, where can they sit down?”

This November, voters in … Continue reading »

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Chew on this: John Birdsall on Berkeley’s food scene

John Birdsall Photo: Roxanne Webber
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John Birdsall knows his way around the Bay Area’s best food trucks, noodle shops, and unpretentious taco stands. Currently a senior editor at Chow, he was previously the food editor at SF Weekly‘s SFoodie site, and has done two stints as food critic for the East Bay Express.

Along the way he’s penned his fair share of food stories with Berkeley roots, including a profile of Alice Waters for Gilt Taste and an article on the relevancy of Chez Panisse at 40, as well as restaurant reviews, and nods to new food artisans.

Birdsall has a reputation for insightful and stylish — if sometimes provocative — prose. In the flesh he’s soft-spoken and mild-mannered. A professional cook for some 17 years, he switched to the food scribe beat more than a decade ago and, for the record, says cooking for a living is even more all-consuming than food writing. … Continue reading »

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Luna Dance Institute returns to its roots in Berkeley

Patricia Reedy (l) founded Luna Dance Institute in 1992. Nancy Ng (r) is now the director of community development. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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On a recent early morning, the sprung bamboo floor at the Luna Dance Institute was gleaming.

Bright light flowed in from windows overlooking Berkeley’s Aquatic Park and bounced off the 1,200 square foot floor and onto mirrors that covered one wall. While no children crowded the dance floor – it was only 10 am – within hours the studio would be filled with the sights of bodies whirling and twirling.

For Nancy Ng, Luna’s director of community development, the sight of that spacious, modern floor was the fulfillment of years of hard work and calibration. Luna Dance Institute was finally back home in Berkeley after spending 14 peripatetic years bouncing from different spots in the East Bay – from Berkeley to Oakland, then Albany, then Berkeley, then back to Oakland, to Emeryville and and finally — again — Berkeley.

This summer, the 20-year old dance company signed a five-year lease on a 4,400 square foot property at 605 Addison Street, across a parking lot from Berkeley’s new animal shelter, close by the pedestrian/bicycle bridge over I-80, on the edge of Aquatic Park, and a short stroll from Sketch Ice Cream. In short, a very family-friendly vantage point. … Continue reading »

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Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 10:28am: Congratulations to Alan Saldich who identified this as part of a sundial which you can find on the Upper Jordan Fire Trail where it meets Panoramic Way on Panoramic Hill.  The photo shows the lower half of the sundial which memorializes Betty and Dick Irwin. Here’s the full picture:

Photo: Sandy Friedland.

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