The Berkeley Wire: 10.12.12

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  • tor_berg

    Your link to the American Spectator article is incorrect, but it’s a really dumb article anyway.

  • Link fixed.

  • Guestfactorial

    Of all the school board candidates, only Tracy Hollander believes that the school board bears some responsibility for the failed search for a superintendent.  Candidate Appel thinks the answer is to fire the old search firm and hire a new one. Incumbent Levya-Cutler concurs.  Candidate Harrison thinks it’s irrelevant, because the school board should be working to build socialism instead of wasting time on trivialities like finding a new superintendent. 

    One serious candidate, two grandstanding blowhards, one colorful Berkeley character. 

  • Foo

     Summary of article: I stayed in the Women’s faculty building. All the students at UC Berkeley are Asian. They didn’t want to talk to me.