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The Berkeley Wire: 10.22.12

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Woronicz is a tour de force in Berkeley Rep’s “An Iliad”

An Iliad2
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At Berkeley Rep, one phenomenal actor on a bare stage performs a version of The Iliad — and keeps us spellbound for 100 minutes.

This haunting, yet animated theatrical event focuses on events in the tenth and final year of the siege of Troy, supposedly about the 13th century B.C. An Iliad concentrates on the wrath and vengeance of two heroic warriors on opposite sides of the battles, the Greek Achilles and Hector for Troy (Ilion). Achilles seeks to return Helen to her husband, Menelaus of Mycenae, while Hector wants to keep her for Paris, the mortal prince of Troy. This is such a compelling theatrical story that it was wise to eliminate most of the other sections of the Iliad.

Henry Woronicz first appears the Poet, with his arms outstretched speaking the opening lines of Book I of The Iliad in Greek on the dark Thrust stage; he is dressed in nondescript military clothes of a past era. Even though most of the audience doesn’t understand his words, his speech pattern and gestures signify his importance. … Continue reading »

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Two slates fight for seats on Berkeley’s Rent Board

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A June 2012 grand jury report that slams the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board is at the center of the two-slate race for four seats on the board that oversees the city’s rent control law.

Berkeley Tenants United for Fairness, TUFF,  joined forces over support for the report’s conclusions  that the board “lacks oversight and accountability,” and that it’s up to Berkeley voters to “change the direction of the BRSB.”

The Tenant Convention Slate, TCS, chosen by a nominating convention in July, blasts the report, saying it “relies on inaccuracies, half-truths and innuendo,” and is based on policy concerns rather than evaluating the board’s implementation of the rent control law. … Continue reading »

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Mobile asthma clinic makes its debut at Berkeley school

Outside the Breathmobile at Malcolm X Elementary School, Oct. 18, 2012. Photo: Emilie Raguso
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A mobile asthma clinic designed to keep kids in school and out of the hospital debuted Thursday at Malcolm X Elementary School in south Berkeley.

The Breathmobile, a 33-foot-long Winnebago RV, drew inquisitive looks and questions from students throughout the day. The vehicle was parked in the school courtyard to offer easy access to families that signed up for its first day ever in Berkeley. The program, which provides free asthma and allergy treatment, has ties to ongoing city-wide efforts to target the achievement gap and bring more accessible healthcare to a high-risk population.

Dr. Washington Burns of the West Oakland-based Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement brought the Breathmobile program to the East Bay in 2009. It began in Emeryville and has since expanded to serve 18 sites around the Bay Area. It’s the only one of its kind in Northern California, according to Burns’ staff, though there are also about a dozen other Breathmobile RVs that operate across the nation. … Continue reading »

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A guide to Halloween celebrations for kids in Berkeley

Kid at Monterey Market
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Halloween is just over a week away and our friends at 510 Families have compiled a hugely useful guide to Halloween activities for kids in the broader East Bay. They kindly let us cherry pick those happening in Berkeley for your delectation.

MLK Middle School Pumpkin Patch Dash: Track races for all grades K-8th, plus carnival with games, prizes, and face painting. Sunday, October 28, 9.30 – 12.30. $5 per child who participates. See City of Berkeley website for race times for each age group.

James Kenney Harvest Festival: Wednesday, Halloween Day 3:30–5:30pm. Free carnival games, costume contest, costume parade, arts and crafts, and light refreshments.

Live Oak Park Rec Center Halloween Party: Wednesday, Halloween Day at 3 pm. Free event includes costume contest with prizes, Halloween parade and games. Refreshments will be served. … Continue reading »

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