Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley?

Where in Berkeley indeed? In fact it’s nowhere in Berkeley, as we have, after more than two years — 134 editions — of our weekly contest, run dry on “Where in Berkeley” photos.

So, people, get snapping and send us the results! The more obscure the better — zoom in on those details of the fabric of our city and stump the Berkeleyside chumps.

Send photos to tips@berkeleyside.com with subject headline “Where in Berkeley?” (and include the answer and the name of the photographer) and, hopefully, we will return next week with a tank full of mysteries for you.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UTAORC2LANQF2ONEFJYXBSITTA bingo

    Ha, I thought it was a foggy pier at first. I love it.  I’ll get to work!

  • 4Eenie

    It’s not a picture of nothing. It’s a picture of a cow eating grass.

    Q: Where’s the grass?
    A: The cow ate it.

    Q: Where’s the cow?
    A: She went off to find more grass.

    (old joke, I know)

  • http://twitter.com/JNGross J Nicholas Gross

    Just as a suggestion, why don’t we start some kind of crowdsourcing feature with photos that solicit “what in Berkeley” instead of “where”

    By that I mean if you take photos of rocks, plants, trees, birds, etc., you could tell us where they were found, post them and then ask people “what” they are – we could start to create a visual map and inventory of the natural surroundings we live in 

  • serkes
  • serkes

    “stump the Berkeleyside chumps

    “The “click and clack” void has been filled!


  • serkes

    This is obviously a B+W vignette of Looking Glass Photo!

  • Art lover

    Very Mark Rothko

  • Guest

    That’s my TV screen right before I turn it on tonight to watch the game. GO GIANTS!

  • http://www.flickr.com/parksdh D. H. Parks

    This link to the unfoundinberkeley tag within the group is more accurate, but sometimes people don’t understand to update their tags so not all the results are correct.


  • the Deer

    It truly is a lovely “nothing”! 

  • serkes

    Beautiful roses … the “after” photo

  • serkes

    Berkeley’s GOP election results?

    The Daily Cal rack right after the election endorsement issue has been delivered?

  • the Deer

    ah, busted….

    Yesterday I did happen to see, but not photograph, some relatives on Holly st. near Rose, apparently partying down pretty heavily..2 bucks and a doe!

  • serkes

    Menage a Venison?

  • serkes

    As it turns out … I took these photos yesterday afternoon!



    They were close, but not close relatives, to me.  Perhaps to you