The Berkeley Wire: 10.30.12

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  • deirdre

    I saw that “moon set” earlier this week and right away I thought, “how do I reach Ira & DH Parks??? Cameras at the ready!”  I’m so glad you jumped at the opportunity.

  • serkes


    My default Safari page is the Lawrence Hall of Science Web Cam

    Saw that it was a clear sky above the fog so went up the hill on my way to the YMCA … and saw this in my rear view mirror. 

    Took it at Grizzly Peak + South Park Drive.  No newts were harmed in the making of this photo.


    Pretty sure one of the LBL folks … Daniel, Jef or Keoki told me about the web cam.  Thanks!

  • serkes

    The full moon has been rising above Solano this week, but it’s been foggy at night so no shots

    Here’s the app I use


  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    Nice Shot!