Authorities searching for deer shot by arrow in Berkeley

A deer near Campus Drive in Berkeley that has been wounded by an arrow. Photo: Young-Eun Choi

Residents in the Berkeley hills are on the lookout for a doe that appears to be wandering around with an arrow sticking out of her torso.

Young-Eun Choi , who lives on Campus Drive, spotted the wounded and weakened deer Wednesday morning and took some photos of her eating.

“The head of the arrow had gone through the body but the tail of the arrow was still on the opposite side, leaving the arrow stuck in the deer,” Choi’s husband, Yun S. Song, a professor of computer science and statistics at UC Berkeley, said in an email sent to neighbors. “Although not focused, the photos clearly show the red/white tail of the arrow. The doe was still alive, but moving very slowly, obviously in great pain. Moreover, it had a fawn following it. Unfortunately we cannot locate where they are at present.”

The deer with an arrow in her side. Photo: Young-Eun Choi

The family called the California Department of Fish & Game, who told them it is illegal to shoot deer in Berkeley.

Lt. Shirley Christiensen of the department told Berkeleyside it is very difficult to find an animal that is on the move, but that they, along with Berkeley Animal Servies, was alert to the situation.

“It appears that the doe is really mobile. Apparently the arrow has not hit any vital organs,” she said. “It is very hard to find an individual deer but many neighbors have our number and are keeping an eye out for the doe.”

If the Fish & Game department were able to capture the deer, it is likely she would be euthanized, Christiensen said. She said the department did not have the resources to treat or perform surgery on such an animal and that her injuries might be so severe that euthanasia would be the best course of action.

Hunting season runs from August through September but it is illegal to hunt in urban, built-up areas like the Berkeley hills. Christiensen speculated that this might be a case of poaching or an accidental target.

To report a sighting, call the California Department of Fish & Game’s 24-hour dispatch number at 831-649-2801.

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  • guest


  • PragmaticProgressive

    “It is very hard to find an individual deer but many neighbors have our number and are keeping an eye out for the foe.”

    doh!  Or rather, doe! 

  • BerkeleyDeer

    This is an outrage! I am extremely upset by this. Shootings like this are not uncommon in hunting preserves, national parks, and the Berkeley Hills.

    What is it with some of you humans and hunting?To think that there’s somebody out there with a bow-and-arrow hoping to catch a buzz off my demise creeps me out.

    Let’s hope it was a mistake, and that even the meat eaters among you humans will contemplate the way that meat hits their table!

  •  Thanks for catching that. It’s fixed.

  • Bill N


  • guest

     I am so sorry that this happened, BerkeleyDeer.

  • guest

     Wow.  Friday came early again this week.

  • BerkeleyDeer

    It may seem like an innocent slip, but deer face discrimination like this all the time. I found it very hurtful, and it contributes to the silent shame that many deer feel on a daily basis.

    Thank you, Francis, for having the decency to change it after Berkeleyside was called out on it.

    We are not your enemy, and we can all coexist peacefully.

    We’re deer! We’re here! Get used to it!

  • BerkeleyDeer

    Thank you, I know that most citizens of Berkeley are very fawned of deer.

  • Laura

    The deer can be brought to the Marin Wildlife Center and they can help.

  • guest

    the Lindsey Wildlife Museum rehabilitates hurt wildlife.  She seems that she is savable.  

  • flyby

    Frances, is there a reward to catch the person who shot her? I for one would love to contribute. 

  • FairIsNotAlwaysNice

    Urban justice for urban hunting: Shoot the offender with an arrow to abdomen and let him walk around like that for a few days. Fair is fair.

  • Guest

    I hope that Berkeleyside will update readers on the fate of this doe and her fawn. Makes me both sad and mad that someone would do this. 

  • Bellaeuropa

    This is awful. What WAS the target if hitting a doe was “accidental”?

  • Cammy

    I heard one resident in the HIlls refer to deer that come by his vegetable garden as “rats.” I disagreed…

  • Game is No Game

    Maybe a local foodie was using traditional methods to sustainably harvest some free-range venison?

  • serkes

    Would it help if we knew where the buck stops?

  • Chasinglucky

    This is terribly disturbing. Man, this really pisses me OFF!~ Someone shot an arrow into a young doe deer and she’s walking around Berkeley Hills with the arrow sticking out of the side of her, worse there is a young baby fawn with her. Of course, she needs to be found, but if caught they will like euthanize…. so where does that leave fawn?

  • serkes

    A rose by any other name wouldn’t smell at all once eaten.
    But that’s no reason to fear the deer

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Careful, we might find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma.

  •  I have not heard of any reward set up.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    The desire to help should be motivated by concern for the doe, not the dough.

  • the Deer

    I certainly am..

  • the Deer

    I have heard people joke about shooting at them with various things…But this is a terrible thing, not funny.

  • guest

     Speaking of not funny.

  • animalcracker

    Deer, along with mice, rats, fox squirrels and other abundant and invasive species to not warrant conservation resources.   The population of these animals exists at the carrying capacity for the environment — which is to say, we have too many.

    That said, hurting animals is bad and leaving an injured animal to suffer is irresponsible. This one should be located and put down.

  • animalcracker

    Well, actually … 

  • animalcracker

    Alive, and eating a double-helping of salad from your front yard.

  • guest

     No.  Not, actually.

  • guest

     Right.  And it (and they) want you to move away and stop bothering them.  (Ever heard of fences?)

    As a wise poster said below, “We’re deer! We’re here! Get used to it!”

  • animalcracker

    is too.

  • animalcracker

    You’ve not tried to build a deer fence I suspect.  Care to guess how high a fence you need to exclude deer?   And is that practical for the front of your house?

  • animalcracker

    Anybody who lives west of Spruce isn’t qualified to have an opinion on the matter.

  • animalcracker

    Wait until the feral swine / wild boar hybrids move into town.  It’s not a question of whether, but when. I’ve seen it up north (medo, sonoma), around santa cruz, and it’s starting in the EBRP land.   Smart animals, and very destructive.  And .. like deer, no predators, so they will multiply until they hit a resource limit — except a whole lot faster because they pump out 2 litters/year with up to 12 offspring.

    Fortunately there are as many uses for pork as venison, and they complement each other. 

  • animalcracker

    Pretty much worst-case crappy shot placement.  Whoever made that shot is a real turd.. Looks like the arrow slipped in between the lungs and intestines.  Poor thing could live quite a while with that.  Here’s an anatomy picture if you’re curious. me of the article a couple years ago about a deer that had a plastic Halloween jack-o-lantern stuck on it’s face, the kind with a handle that kids use to collect candy.  Strap was over the back of it’s head, pumpkin on it’s muzzle.  Just a bunch of misery.

  • guest

    “You’ve not tried to build a deer fence I suspect.”

    You’ve got an o-fer going on this one.  The fence that protects my rose garden was built many, many years ago.  My roses continue to thrive.

  • guest

     Excellently argued.

  • Berserkly

    deer are prolific around Sonoma and Ventura…fawns born every year in a neighbors back yard. Your mouth shouldn’t be qualified to open.

  • Game is No Game