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The Berkeley Wire: 11.02.12

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Berkeley Community Media puts spotlight on local stories

Berkeley Community Media is waiting for your story. Photo: Michael Vaughn
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Starting Sunday, public access station Berkeley Community Media is inviting city residents to “come on down” to share stories, jokes, songs and more.

“We really want to give Berkeley residents a voice,” said Michael Vaughn, an operations manager for the station, Channel 28 on Comcast. (It also streams live online.) “We want to know: what’s going on? What is their concern? They may have an idea about the community. They may have an idea for the world.”

“Story Sundays” will run Sundays through November, from noon to 3 p.m. If the effort takes off, it will continue on a monthly basis in December, said Vaughn, who also teaches world literature and composition at Berkeley High School.

The public access station has a membership program, but participation in Story Sundays is free and open to the community, no membership is required. The station has been around since 1994, and offers workshops and events, along with studio space and equipment use. (Community members maintain the copyrights to their own work, but grant the station first-airing rights.) … Continue reading »

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Halloween champs: Albany-Berkeley Sting is scary good

Halloween Champions 2012
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By Mark Galbraith

The Albany-Berkeley Girls Softball League’s 12U team, Sting, continues its victorious streak. You may remember the team from the article Michael Lewis wrote for Berkeleyside last year. We’ve been following their progress. Here’s the latest installment:

The Under 12 Albany-Berkeley Sting completed their Fall season by winning this past weekend’s Monster Bash Classic tournament with a thrilling back-from-the grave finish.

Like all good nail-biters, this story starts on a bright, sunny day. On Saturday, Sting got into the Halloween spirit by taking the field in Crayola-inspired Technicolor uniforms, designed by Berkeley’s own budding activewear designer, Katie Kaneko. (At the time of this story’s submission, there was no confirmation if Ms. Kaneko intends to expand upon her Sting designs to create a complete Fall collection.)

Sting’s opener against the Salinas Storm was a well-played contest between two evenly matched teams. Pitcher Quinn Lewis and sharp Sting defense kept the Storm’s potent bats in check for much of the game. … Continue reading »

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37 red maple trees planted along Solano Avenue

A recently-planted red maple on Solano Avenue. Eventually, more than 40 will line the blocks from The Alameda to Ensenada.
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Laurie Capitelli showed up at Peet’s Coffee on Solano Avenue at 7:30 a.m. on Friday to wait for some trees – 37 of them in fact.

After two years of bureaucratic wrangling involving numerous agencies, including the city of Berkeley Forestry and Public Works departments, Caltrans, Alameda County Transportation Department, the Solano Avenue Business Improvement District, and some utility companies, Councilman Capitelli was itching to see a set of red maple trees be planted along Solano Avenue. His hopes were realized around 9:30 a.m. when a city of Berkeley truck drove up with a set of trees ready to go into the ground.

When the 37 trees are planted, they will join four others on a stretch from The Alameda to Ensenada, eventually forming a 30-40 foot high string of green along the street.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Robin Dalrymple, the owner of iScream ice cream parlor on Solano. “It will add some ambiance to the street, especially as they grow. They will make the street more pedestrian oriented. The street is moving along.” … Continue reading »

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Late money floods into Berkeley election campaigns

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Money continues to pour into a few Berkeley campaigns, including some significant independent expenditures filed after the recent Oct. 20 reporting date.

The East Bay Rental Housing PAC contributed $31,000 to support slate mailer organization Berkeley Tenants United for Fairness (TUFF), which promotes both a four-person slate for the rent board and opposes the so-called Sunshine Ordinance, Measure U.

The California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee channelled $19,750 to support incumbent Laurie Capitelli in District 5, and $18,350 to support incumbent Darryl Moore in District 2. And Berkeley Firefighters Association Local 1227 PAC gave $7,212 to support District 5 challenger Sophie Hahn.

The amounts raised for TUFF are particularly striking compared to previous races. Four years ago, candidates for the rent board all filed short form expenditure statements, certifying that they had raised under $1,000 and would spend under $1,000. This year, TUFF had raised $32,920 by Oct. 20, including $19,000 from East Bay Rental Housing PAC. It filed a further $12,000 from East Bay Rental Housing PAC on Oct. 25, bringing the TUFF total to at least $45,000. … Continue reading »

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The It List: Five things to do in Berkeley this weekend

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DAY OF THE DEAD  The 1400 block of Shattuck in North Berkeley will be the center of this year’s Dia de los Muertos celebration Friday night. Join dozens of people walking in a candlelight procession as they honor those who have passed on. There will be a community altar from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and the procession runs from 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There will be free face painting, mariachis, Aztec dancers, fire dancers, food trucks and a beer and wine garden. Comal, the Mexican restaurant on Shattuck Ave., will also be holding a Dia de los Muertos themed evening.

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Berkeley praises Bayer, city’s largest for-profit employer

Berkeley Bayer employees display the site's total annual production of hemophilia medication. Photo: Bayer
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Over the years, Berkeley’s largest for-profit employer has contributed $20 million to the city, created hundreds of jobs, developed paid science training programs for youth and invested in a community foundation to support key health and education programs.

Yet Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, said Councilwoman Susan Wengraf earlier this week, “may be one of the best kept secrets in Berkeley.”

Wengraf, and other council members, spoke glowingly Tuesday evening about Bayer’s many community contributions at a special meeting to receive a report outlining the past 20 years at Bayer’s Berkeley site. The report was required due to a 30-year agreement forged between Bayer and the city in 1992 to streamline the development permit process and guarantee benefits for the city. … Continue reading »

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Op-Ed: Fact checking the PR spin — Measure A1

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Nik Dehejia’s editorial (Nov. 1) personally attacks Delia Taylor of the California Native Plant Society, calling her a liar. Mr. Dehejia uses classic PR spin techniques to divert attention, but fails to rebut a single point in Ms. Taylor’s thoughtful piece (also Nov. 1).

The fact is that, contrary to Mr. Dehejia’s assertions, the measure’s language indeed allows funds to be used for the zoo’s controversial expansion project. Ms. Taylor’s article cited the relevant sections. It is the … Continue reading »

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A long time coming: John Ettinger plays Berkeley

je thinks (3)
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Despite releasing three acclaimed CDs over the past decade featuring some of jazz’s most accomplished improvisers, John Ettinger is one of the East Bay’s best kept musical secrets. The El Cerrito violinist gained a good deal of attention in 2006 with “Kissinger In Space,” an album as strange, wondrous and amusing as its title. He’s mostly been out of sight since the release of his last CD, 2008’s beauteous “Inquatica” with Pete Forbes on drums, piano, and banjo, a multi-tracked improvisational duo session marked by his judicious use of space and a haunting version of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust.”

Ettinger presents a program of music drawn from his three albums for the first time Saturday at the Berkeley Art Festival space on University Avenue with a quintet featuring bassist Todd Sickafoose, drummer Lorca Hart, guitarist John Preuss and tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby. He never intended to keep his music on the down low, but with a day job at Ifshin Violins and a growing family, Ettinger put hustling gigs on the back burner. … Continue reading »

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