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The Berkeley Wire: 11.05.12

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UC journalism students use games to make politics fun

John Osborn, a former Berkeleyside contributor, and six other students at UC Berkeley's School of Journalism created this interactive game about the California propositions.
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Let’s face it: ballot measures can be dry. And boring. And difficult to understand, often leading people just to vote “no,” because a measure is too complicated.

A group of seven students at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism set out to change all that. They created a guide to California’s ballot measures that looks more like a video game than a voting pamphlet. Called Gimme Props! the game uses colorful avatars, clickable cartoons, quizzes, and simple language to explain the motivations, money, and interests behind each measure. … Continue reading »

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Obama trumps Romney in Berkeley cookie poll

Virginia photo 1
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November 5, 2012, noon… With just hours to go until election day 2012, Berkeley’s Obama-Romney cookie war rages on, with sales of the Obama sugar cookies continuing to outsell the Romney cookies by a margin of three-to-one, and then some.

As of 9:00 a.m. today, Virginia Bakery at 1690 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley had sold 652 Obama cookies to 192 Romney cookies, as displayed on the whiteboard behind the counter that has been tracking sales since the cookies were first introduced, right after the Republican and Democratic conventions. Results are also being posted on the bakery’s Facebook page.

Word of the political cookies has spread beyond Berkeley, with orders coming in from around the country. A private party in Louisiana ordered 20 cookies  — 16 Romneys to four Obamas — via overnight mail, according to Anne Erdmann, who co-owns the business with her husband and chief baker John Erdmann. Orders have also come in from Sacramento, Orange County and Oregon. … Continue reading »

Still undecided about the election? Let us help

Will you miss all the lawn signs on Berkeley medians after tomorrow? Photo: Alan Tobey
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Over the last several months, Berkeleyside has run many dozens of articles on Berkeley’s mayoral election, council seat races, the school board contest, the rival rent board slates and most of the 10 city measures on the ballot tomorrow. On top of that, our collaboration with MapLight on Voter’s Edge Berkeley provides a handy one-stop site for information about the ballot measures. And our Opinionator op-ed section has overflowed with rival views about various election issues.

What Berkeleyside is not going to do is make any endorsements in the election. There are two reasons why. First, we believe in an educated, informed citizenry. Newspaper endorsements are a relic of a pre-Internet era when readers had to rely on insiders to tell them what was what. Our goal is to make sure you have as much information as we have, so you can make up your own mind. We don’t feel the urge to make it up for you. Second, we work hard to be impartial in our news reporting of Berkeley. Even if we convince ourselves that we could create neat compartments between our opinions and our reporting, our readers would be understandably skeptical. … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley students take part in community work day

Karl Linn Community Garden (2)
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If you noticed an unusual number of young people engaged in some serious manual labor in Berkeley on Saturday, Nov. 3, chances are you came across a group engaged in work for The Berkeley Project, an annual event which sees UC Berkeley students working in the community.

The Berkeley Project began in 2006 as a giant, one-day service event and this year an estimated 1,800 students took part, painting and decorating, weeding, planting, cleaning and prettifying, at about 80 different indoor and outdoor sites across the city.

We sent Kaia Diringer out with her camera on Saturday to capture some of the students at work. She took photographs of students cleaning and maintaining the area around Ashby BART, weeding and planting at the Karl Linn Community Garden at Hopkins and Peralta, and painting the activities room at the Young Adult Center at 1730 Oregon Street. … Continue reading »

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