And then there was one: Measure T down to single vote

Uncounted ballots at the registrar’s office in downtown Oakland. Photo: Tracey Taylor

In the latest results from the Registrar of Voters, the Yes on T campaign has inched into the lead: 16,640 to 16,639.

On election night, opponents of Measure T, which would change zoning in West Berkeley, had a 123 vote lead. That narrowed yesterday to 26, and today it vanished.

None of the other Berkeley races have changed much in the latest update. Opponents of Measure S, the sit ordinance, still lead by nearly 1,000 votes, 18,254 to 17,273.

The Alameda County Registrar plans to issue a daily update until all votes are counted.

View a photo gallery of democracy in action as Alameda County Registrar employees continue to process outstanding ballots.

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  • Irisandjules

    Sharkey, are you really a young man? You might be a young woman, or an old one I guess. But Toni got you figured out. I am waiting for the Lady from Berkeley Daily Planet, forgot her name, to take guesses on who you are, what you are hiding, and what suspicious self-interests you have. But don’t worry, I believe, that just like Toni, you are a real person. Do you also have greedy developers as friends? Have you read Ibsen? 

  • The Sharkey

    I’m curious, how does wanting to see downtown cleaned up and West Berkeley rezoned so that local businesses will have more opportunities equate with saying “To hell with the rest of the world!”

    The definition of “troll” has changed a bit since Peer Gynt was written.

  • The Sharkey

    Middle aged, but I am a fella.

    No friends who work in development or construction though.

    My only self-interests in terms of Berkeley development is that of a homeowner who hopes that increased tax revenue from new properties and successful local businesses might give the city sufficient funds to do things like fixing our roads without having to float bonds and add more parcel taxes.

  • Toni, we may sit on different sides of Measure T and a few other things, but you hit the nail on the head about WB. I got a good belly laugh over your description of life in West Berkeley.

  • Good God…the argument over pseudonyms is like a chronic rash. Time to
    revisit past comments section threads to regain perspective…

    Here is my response to a post someone put up about this very topic 5 months ago that Lance thanked me for posting.

  • Howie Mencken

    “…I continue to be amazed that people who are unknown to me have information about my expertise…”

    Once we start voting by more modern (online?) techniques; somebodys (particularly gov’mnt  and market research somebodys) will know all about everything. Our names, how we voted as well as our expertise. Exciting isn’t it?