Vote update: Yes on Measure T slips further behind

Staff at the Registrar of Voters go through vote by mail ballots. Photo: Tracey Taylor

The staff at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters worked throughout the weekend, ploughing through the thousands of vote by mail ballots. With the updated figures posted on the registrar’s website yesterday afternoon, Measure T, which would alter the zoning in West Berkeley, looks unlikely to pass: the opponents’s lead has grown to 440, 23,131 to 22,691.

The gap on the sit ordinance, Measure S, remains large. No on S votes are 1,583 ahead of yes votes, 25,191 to 23,608.

Only about 1,000 new votes were added to the Berkeley totals yesterday. On Friday, Registrar Dave Macdonald said he planned to finish counting vote by mail ballots over the weekend. His staff will then turn their efforts to validating and counting the 40,000 provisional ballots countywide.

Berkeleyside has updated the Google Docs spreadsheet with scenarios on measures S and T.

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  • Guest

    Meanwhile, Igor and Alejandro are still within 20 votes of each other in the fight for the fourth seat on the rent board.

  • The Sharkey

    I hope Igor gets it. I don’t always agree with him, but at least he doesn’t steal campaign signs and then lie about it when he gets caught.

  • Sam


  • The Sharkey

    Did you see this article? Read through the comments. They’re interesting.

  • Biker 94702

    Or you can just listen to the Lady Gaga song!  (How did she know???)

    Don’t call my name Alejandro

    Don’t steal my election signs Alejandro


    I’m not your babe Ale-Alejandro

    I’m not your babe Ale-Alejandro


    Don’t wanna elect Alejandro

    Don’t wanna appoint Alejandro

    Just smoke my cigarette and hush

    Don’t call my name Ale-Alejandro

    Don’t steal my election signs Ale-Alejandro



    (Full disclosure for the humor impaired: the lyrics don’t actually say this at all.)

  • guest

     I don’t hear anything.

  • guest

     Igor should sue.

  • Sam

    Oh gee golly wow Sharkey your most bestest commentor ever!  Is that why you do it so much wowow your good at this. How do you do it Sharkey your so thoughfull and insightfull in the blogashpere sharkey your my hero!

  • The Sharkey

    Thanks, Sam!  :-)

  • southberkeleyres

    Some spellcheck and a grammar check might be in order.