Announcing: Berkeleyside NOSH, East Bay food news site

Bob Klein, co-owner of Oliveto restaurant and Café in Rockridge,and truffles, featured on newly launched NOSH. Photo: courtesy Oliveto

Today sees a thrilling new launch for Berkeleyside and, we hope, an exciting new source of information for East Bay residents on all things edible.

With the launch of Berkeleyside NOSH, Berkeleyside has broken out of Berkeley (gasp!). We felt — and we trust you agree — that if we were covering food and drink locally, we couldn’t ignore all the wonderful things happening in Oakland, as well as neighboring areas like Emeryville, Kensington, Albany and El Cerrito.

Be assured, Berkeleyside itself remains firmly focused on Berkeley. It is purely for our food-related stories on NOSH that we have expanded geographically.

Dolly Doughnuts: new in Temescal. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Why are we doing this? Our prime spot on the bay offers a wealth of exciting food-related news — more than enough to warrant its own food site. And we know that, like us, many of you love discovering great new restaurants and bars, revisiting old favorites, exploring new recipes, discussing food politics and food reform, and meeting the passionate artisans committed to producing the most delicious edibles right here in the East Bay.

The East Bay has a rich culinary history and new food pioneers continue to pop up every week in our neighborhoods and main streets. We aim to tell you all about them.

Launch day for Nosh sees stories on one restaurant owner’s passion for truffles (pictured above), tasting Kao Mun Gai at hot restaurant Hawker Fare, scrumptious Temescal coffee and doughnuts, Monica Rocchino’s (almost) sacrilegious suggestion that serving a whole turkey for Thanksgiving is just, well, wrong — and much more.

So check out Nosh and let us know what you think. Share your stories and send tips to Share your food pictures on our new Nosh Flickr site.

Then don’t miss a thing by bookmarking NOSH, or following NOSH on RSS, Twitter and Facebook — one or all, whatever your preference.

You can get to Nosh from the tab at the top of Berkeleyside or go there directly at

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  • serkes

    Nü?  Nosh!

    Spectacular photo!


  • Irisanjules

    Are you crazy? Leaving Berkeley….

    Thank goodness :-)

    As a food lover, I am excited about this new feature. I just learned two new things that I have wanted to share with others: took a fabulous class on fermentation by rawbayarea that opened DOORS to me, and found out about the best gluten free bread ever “srslybread” and through it learnt about goodeggs which brings together food artisans and helps them deliver in SF and East Bay. 

  • Irisanjules: Fermentation classes, best gluten free bread ever and Good Eggs all sound like fabulous future stories for NOSH. Thank you!

  • serkes

    Berkeleyside … fermenting revolution?

  • serkes

    When the first flash food mob?

  • Mbfarrel

     “srslybread” is great bread, period.

  • Irisandjules

    That is exactly how I feel. It’s great bread *and* and it’s gluten free. 

  • Irisandjules

    Thank you, Tracey. Berkeleyside always comes up with great new ideas. Luckily we have so much to explore as food is concerned.