Final election count shows no change in Berkeley tallies

Staff at the Registrar of Voters count ballots last week. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Alameda County is the first populous county in California to complete its election count, according to Registrar of Voters Dave Macdonald (“If I can brag a little,” he said). The countywide turnout of 74.3% was slightly down on 2008, when it reached 78.3%. The registrar published the final, uncertified count last night.

Detailed precinct by precinct votes will be available shortly after the results are certified, which Macdonald expects to do next Wednesday. Today and Monday, his staff are doing the required 1% tally before certification: a random 1% of precincts is checked manually to see whether there are any discrepancies between the voter machine-reported tally and the manual tally.

In Berkeley, the final count revealed no changes since election day. The close count on Measure T, which would have changed zoning in West Berkeley, finished with the opponents ahead by 512 votes. The narrow margin Alejandro Soto-Vigil had for the fourth seat on the Rent Stabilization Board also held up: Soto-Vigil finished 210 votes ahead of incumbent Igor Tregub. Yesterday, Councilmember Jesse Arreguín appointed Tregub to the Zoning Adjustments Board. 

The closest county contest was over Measure B1, which would have used a half cent increase in local sales tax to provide funding for transit, road improvements (particularly for bikes and pedestrians), reduced congestion and reduced fares for seniors, youth and disabled. B1 required a two-thirds vote, and with 66.53% support it fell short by 697 votes out of 527,403 cast.

In Berkeley’s mayoral election, 52,940 voted, down from 56,170 in the 2008 race. Those figures suggest Berkeley’s overall turnout, as for the county, will be down on 2008.

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  • AllisonM

    Who cares that Jesse appointed Igor to ZAB? Igor lost because he ticked off many people this campaign season. The voters responded and did not re-elect him. End of story. Disappointed that Berkeleyside felt it necessary to let us know what Jesse did. Who cares!! This is not news and has nothing to do with the rest of this story!!

  • Completely_Serious

    “The narrow margin Alejandro Soto-Vigil had for the fourth seat on the
    Rent Stabilization Board also held up: Soto-Vigil finished 210 votes
    ahead of incumbent Igor Tregub. Yesterday, Councilmember Jesse Arreguín
    appointed Tregub to the Zoning Adjustments Board.”

    Berkeley politicians continue to swim in the cesspool we’ve allowed them to create.  Soto-Vigil is Kriss Worthington’s lap dog/assistant.

    That Jessie would appoint an elected official to the ZAB, before that person’s term is fininshed and before the vote is certified, just proves they all belong in the cesspool.

    Berkeley, why do we keep re-electing these people?  What’s the matter with us?

  •  AllisonM

    How can that not be news? Igor lost his reelection bid but was appointed to an important Berkeley commission.

  • Thompson

    That’s sad about B1 — if there was ever a well-crafted, well-planned, eminently-supportable tax, that was it.

  • Guest

    AllisonM – please explain what exactly Igor did that “ticked off many people.” It’s easy to attack candidates and electeds without proffering a hint of proof. IMHO, the demographics of the candidates in the race, the confusion elicited by two slates and eight people running, including two “Judy’s,” as well as all the money pumped into the Rent Board election had more to do with how the results shaped up.

    Completely_Serious: It’s not uncommon for Rent Board members to also serve on an appointed board. Alejandro remains Vice-Chair of the Housing Advisory Commission. Igor also serves on the Housing Commission. Jesse Townley continues to serve on the Fire and Disaster Safety Commission. Dave Blake serves on the Design Review Commission.

  • Guest

    Ballot order, too, may have been a factor. Alejandro was first on the ballot.

  • guest

     both a sore loser and a bad speller

  • guest

    Tregub donated the maximum to Bates for Mayor. Some people skipped his name for that reason.

  • Guest

    A sad time we live in when campaign donations become a bigger litmus test than an actual record of accomplishments in an elected capacity. To each their own, I suppose.

  • AllisonM

    The story is about final vote count, not what Igor will do next. Who cares? Perhaps he also contributes to Berkeleyside?! It’s not s surprise that Jesse would appoint him to try to keep him current, when he’s on his way out! Everyone knows he wants to run for District 1. So, why give him more credibility? Are you also going to write about what the other losing candidates will do next? Anyone can get appointed to a commission-especially when it’s your good friend and roommate!!

  • The Sharkey

    Berkeley’s politics are as disgusting as they are absurd.
    We have all the corruption and cronyism of a city twice our size.

  • The Sharkey

    I don’t think the information gives him more credibility, I think it gives him less.
    Jesse is clearly grooming Tregub to be part of his team of lifelong politicians in Berkeley’s government. Unhappy that the voters didn’t reelect Igor, Jesse simply ignored the voters and appointed Tregub to a position in Berkeley’s government anyway.

    It makes Tregub look like a lame duck, and it makes Arreguin look like he doesn’t care about what the voters think.

  • Guest

    It’s over, Nicole Drake (posting under a pseudonym)! You lost! Stop being such a sore loser and go do something useful with your life.

  • The Sharkey

    I think Props 30 & 38 hurt it, a lot.
    Too many tax increases on the ballot at once.

  • Guest

    Well said

  • The Sharkey

    Anyone can get appointed to a commission-especially when it’s your good friend and roommate!!

    Wait, what?
    Are Arreguin and Tregub housemates?

  • The Sharkey

    Any proof of that allegation, or just trolling?

  • SJM

    Where can I go to see a summary of ALL Berkeley and Alameda County election results?

  • Guest

    Arreguin and Tregub used to live in the same house. Prior to that, Arreguin was housemates with Nicole Drake.

  • The Sharkey

    Move in with a council member and get appointed to a commission.

    Not quite nepotism, but pretty darn close.

  • Jesse Arreguin

    No we are not. Igor lives in West Berkeley and I live in District 4

  • The Sharkey

    Arreguin and Tregub used to live in the same house. Prior to that, Arreguin was housemates with Nicole Drake.

    So are you denying that you and Tregub used to be roommates?
    Or simply saying that you are not roommates any longer?

    If “guest” and “AllysonM” are spreading lies, it’d be good to know.

  • SJM: We provided a link in the story to the full election results.

  • Neil
  • Dian

    So sad Measure B1 didn’t pass. People out here are addicted to their cars and would rather complain about the roads and traffic than improve them, apparently. Sigh.

  • Toni M.

    The loss of B1 is heartbreaking. The tax would have reconfigured the Gilman and Ashby I-80  interchanges as well as fund numerous other transportation improvements and transit benefits. Perhaps competition with Measure M hurt B1 in Berkeley. We should analyze the precinct returns when they are posted. The fact that the Sierra Club did not support B1 is tragic. As a long-time member (and a candidate for Sierra Club office), I’m appalled.

  • Petsitter101

    Wow, that’s quite a reaction to what other people may care about.  You don’t care, so what?  Oh, it’s not all about you?

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Agreed.  Jesse’s is an ugly act of patronage politics that he probably figured no one would notice.  Thank you for including it in the story.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Your timing stinks.  The guy loses an election and you immediately appoint him to another commission anyway.  Do you have to rub the cronyism in our faces?

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Remember that Jesse was Kriss’ assistant before he got elected.  Krazy Kriss has built himself quite a farm system.

  •  Well, at least we’re efficient!

  • Guest

    All right, PragmaticProgressive, Sharkey, and anyone else who seems to be making this into the issue it’s not. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there have been plenty of ex-candidates on the other side, who were promptly appointed after they dropped out or lost their race. Eric Panzer was appointed by the Mayor to the Housing Advisory Commission shortly after aborting his run against Jesse in 2010. Prior to that, N’Dji “Jay” Jockin was also appointed to the Housing Commission shortly after running against Jesse in 2008. I believe he dropped out as well, endorsing Jesse’s opponent Terry Doran, and was promptly appointed to the Housing Commission either by the Mayor or Darryl Moore (can’t recall which). 

    If you’re going to cast aspersions over this, you should do it across the board. Now that you have these historic facts to guide, you have no excuse not to overlook that this doesn’t just happen in Jesse’s and Kriss’s camp.

  • Jeff Johnson

     What hurt it is the idiotic 2/3rds rule for passing taxes. Hey, maybe that’s something the new Democrat super-majority in the Lege can tackle!

  • Taxpayer for Transparency

    Here is a site that measures total state/local tax burdens for each state, relative to per capita income.  California ranks 4th in the country.

    I’d be interested to know how Berkeley rates as a city within California, or against other cities in the country.  I suspect that we pay more than our local neighbors because we’re willing to vote ourselves parcel taxes (especially for schools).  Per capita income in Berkeley would reflect lots of low income students and others at one end, and affluent *hills* residents at the other, with a middle-class in the *flats*; I have no idea how that would average out.

    Given that very few people know their total tax burden, but intuitively feel that it’s high, voting no on some tax props is a form of self-preservation, at least for those middle-class voters.

  • tenjen

    Me, I’m still just scratching my head that Norma Harrison actually got 3,000 votes for school board.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    A vote for her was a no confidence vote in the board.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    I’m against machine politics in general and have said as much, specifically referring to Bates/Hancock.  I also have said that we should shut down these idiotic commissions.  So we’re good there.

    There is, incidentally, a distinction between someone who runs and drops out, someone who runs and loses, and an incumbent who loses.  The latter, I maintain, is Tregub’s situation – he was rejected by the electorate based on his record and performance, including the shocking revalations from the Grand Jury.  We don’t want him in office and Jesse’s appointment is a thumb in the eye of the citizenry.

  • Anonymous

     Exactly. I voted for her…the worst (or best?) case would have been that she got elected and her kook-fu would have at least slowed the board down in their efforts to find new and creative ways to make BUSD worse. Plus our kids would be totally ready to seize the means of production in the coming revolution.

  • guest

     I remember Worthington and Arreguin made the point  that M might hurt B1 in their discussion of whether to put M on the ballot.   Bates just shouted them down as usual.

  • guest

     And Nicole Drake was and is Linda Maio’s assistant, as well  as being the domestic partner of D. Moore’s assistant Ryan Somethingorother  who was on the Zoning Board until he was caught building without a permit.   

  • PragmaticProgressive

    You can’t tell a thing without a program.

    We need a social network to depict all of these linkages: it’s way too clubby and I suspect most voters have no clue.  I certainly didn’t know that one.

  • Guest

    No, it seems to me he was within 200 votes of getting in for entirely different reasons, including demographics. The only person from the TUFF slate who slipped in was Judy Hunt, the only black woman on the slate. I have yet to find someone who faults his performance. He created two internship programs, conducted a foreclosure workshop recognized by Barbara Lee, made the relocation ordinance better, included voter registration forms in move-in packets and many other things, for God’s sake. Have fun continuing to talk about the Grand Jury. It’s over. The electorate recognized it’s over when the elected the vast majority of the progressive slate and rejected most members of the TUFF slate. But I guess keep thinking that the grand jury is still the biggest issue the Rent Board deals with if you’d like.

  • Guest

    This link might help:

    Read the comments. It’s not news that Ryan Lau and Nicole Drake live together and like to thumb at the law because they might be able to get away with it. Nicole did it with her attendance problem and she did it with the illegal shed.

  • PragmaticProgressive

    Hmmm, Guest is starting to resemble Anthony Sanchez, but perhaps that’s just me.

    I think we’re both guilty of assuming that the electorate is informed about these matters, but they are not.  I’m sure that if we went to the Berkeley Bowl and asked random shoppers about the programs you described, few would have heard of them.  The same is also true of the Grand Jury report, though the incumbent slate certainly was certainly aggressively unapologetic in its characterization of that in campaign materials.  

    Myself, I hadn’t even heard of the Grand Jury until a year ago.  And what good is oversight if no pays attention to the overseers?

    We get the government we deserve, I suppose.  This entire election cycle was a set of bad choices, with the exception of Belser (sp?). I’d like to say that we deserve better, but we keep electing the same people (and their friends and acolytes).

  • Guest

    If we want to go there, let me just say that I am close to both camps and AllisonM’s comments sound very much like something Nicole would say. Only she would, for instance, bring up details like the fact that Igor at one point lived with Jesse, carefully masking that Jesse was at one point her subtenant (prior to that).

    Only Nicole would bring up some tripe like “everyone knows Igor wants to run in District 1.” In fact, months ago, at Missouri lounge (her favorite hangout which she frequents several times a week), in a drunken stupor, she started screaming out that “Igor’s going down!” As the council aide for Linda Maio, the current D1 representative, she seems mortally threatened that he would run to replace Linda. Unfortunately for her, I don’t think she’s ever even asked Igor what he plans to do and if he even wants to run for that seat, nor have I. 

    The dead ringer that this is Nicole is given away by her pitiful cries that perhaps the plans of everybody who lost should be mentioned in the Berkeleyside article. Of course she would worry that Igor is getting some attention given that she finished more than a thousand votes behind him, he is the guy she wants to go “down,” and Berkeleyside didn’t mention that she’s getting appointed to a commission (What would she be appointed to, though? Her track record of missing meetings seems to precede her.) 

    I guess we’ll never actually have positive proof that this is Nicole, short of checking the IP address from which these comments came from (and if they had come from a government computer in Linda Maio’s office). However, based on the similarity of the details “AllisonM” brings up with what Nicole has lashed out about when I have observed her in her drunken stupors at Missouri Lounge and throughout my years of knowing her, based on her comments of approbation on Berkeleyside when someone is attacking Igor while she is silent when someone questions this commenter’s own intentions, the proof simply appears to be in the pudding. 

    We are on to Nicole, and the next time she tries to represent herself under a pseudonym, we will call her out on it again.

  • The Sharkey

    Good job on the unsubstantiated allegations, Anthony Sanchez.
    Why did you stop posting with your old account? Did your boss, Jesse Arreguin, get mad at your for embarrassing his office with these kinds of unfounded claims?

  • The Sharkey

    It’s not just you. I’d bet good money that hit’s him.

    Making unfounded allegations against Arreguin’s rivals is exactly the kind of thing he’d do, though I don’t think Jesse is letting him use his name for posting here any more since it was making him look bad.

  • Charles_Siegel

    As a rule, more densely populated, more urban states have higher taxes and need higher taxes, because they have more common services.

  • Charles_Siegel

    The 2/3 rule is the result of Proposition 13, during the 1970s, and it could only be changed by another ballot measure.

  • Charles_Siegel

    Has anyone ever noticed that most of the comments on Berkeleyside are about how evil your opponents are? 

    They are not only wrong on the issues.  They are also dishonest, corrupt, and part of a vicious hidden conspiracy. 

    There is an interesting book named “Chimpanzee Politics” by Frans de Waal, which describes how chimpanzees make alliances that allow them to be dominant in the band. Because dominant chimpanzees have more reproductive opportunities, dominance is crucial in Darwinian terms, so the alliances often involve violence and even killing one’s enemies. 

    I think human politics evolved from similar struggles for dominance among our hominid ancestors.  These angry comments here seem to show that politics still brings out the inner chimpanzee.