The Berkeley Wire: 11.16.12

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  • PragmaticProgressive

    That story in the BHS Jacket is really alarming.  I wish it hadn’t been buried in dispatches on a Friday afternoon, as it deserves more scrutiny than it’s likely to get there.

  • Yes, maybe Berkeleyside could follow up on the story of Rally Day at Berkeley High. However, I really, really
    appreciate your link to the BHS Jacket Opinion piece, as I might not have seen it. I am wondering if this Opinion
    piece can be posted on the school Etree for parents to read. It might be helpful. 

    I recently saw a video that someone made of rally day this year, and there were a few parts that were really
    disturbing. One of my children graduated from BHS last year, and I have one child still at the school as a 
    Sophomore, so this is our family’s 5th Rally Day. And each year, after it is over, I breathe a sigh of relief,
    and count how many more are left….  

  • bgal4

    I happened to see the Jacket story and sent it to Frances understanding well how significant it is that the teachers are priming the students to take a hard look at the wasted rally week.
    Parent leaders have tried to make school culture/climate and youth development important, it is good to see teachers FINALLY engaging on school culture matters.

  • elp

    I started to reply with an agreement on the high school not seeing parents as partners, and there are a couple of egregious personalities who need to go away from teaching, but in general the staff has been very accommodating and reasonably responsive to our concerns about our son’s education, when he struggles most of his instructors have been available to help him, and even proactive – calling and offering help and direction, before we even realized he needed extra help.

    I support the teachers’ thoughts on Rally Day/week, the youth are repeatedly showing they can’t handle it in a responsible manner, so it needs to change.