Stormy weather in Berkeley: As you saw it

Friday, as November drew to a close, the wet weather was on many people’s minds. They shared on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and more. Scroll down to see what inspired them.

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  • Kate R.

    Gorgeous assortment.

  • M.E. Lawrence

    Ah. That was a refreshing assortment. Having grown up in dry and smoggy L.A., I love this weather; my garden’s turned green literally overnight.

  • Alice Kahn

    Beautiful! Thank you,

  • emraguso

    It was super fun to make — I love seeing what community members are recording…

  • The Sharkey

    After all this, I’m really glad the streets and watersheds bonds passed. Our storm drains got filled quite a while ago, and at this point our gutters are turning into 2′ wide streams.

    The yards stopped soaking up water a long time ago, and are just covered in standing water now.

    I like the rain, but at this point all this water is just going straight into the ocean. It’s too bad more of this didn’t make it over the hills and into the central valley areas.

  • carole leita

    What a great example of social media use! It’s all about the hash tags! And using Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!

  • emraguso

    Thank you!!