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The family of Pam Mullins, who was killed Dec. 4 while riding her bicycle on Sacramento Street, set out tea lights. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel

The calm of night was shattered Tuesday when 50-year old Pam Mullins was murdered as she rode her bicycle on Sacramento Street. Police received a 911 call about a woman down around 11:36 pm on Dec. 4 and arrived to find Mullins, an in-home health worker, lying on the ground with a shot to her head. She was just yards from the apartment she had moved into a few weeks before. Her family set up a public memorial of balloons, a teddy bear, and tea lights spelling out her name. It was Berkeley’s fourth homicide of the year.

Chinook salmon in Codornices Creek

In other news, observers spotted a Chinook salmon in Codornices Creek – the first time that type of fish had been seen there. Biologist Jeff Hagar said it is “pretty rare” to see a salmon in an urban creek. The fish was probably heading from the ocean upstream to spawn and took a wrong turn somewhere. Environmentalists were delighted at the salmon’s appearance as it suggests the 15-year long effort to restore Codornices Creek is having an effect. They have already seen increased bird activity around the water and are hoping that steelhead trout eventually find their way there. In other animal (and insect) news, the Edible Schoolyard announced plans to put beehives in all three of Berkeley’s middle schools. The idea is to extend the school’s hands-on gardening programs and teach students about pollination.

Surprisingly, the story on the Berkeley Public Library’s recent fine amnesty (it forgave $30,000 in fines) prompted some heated discussion.

NOSH, Berkeleyside’s new food section, had lots to savor this week: new bakeries, rib dishes, and plenty of mouth-watering photos.

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  • BillyBob

    Mmmm…time to go fishing.

  • TheoXMachina

    There are lots of commenters on the Web who think they are making extremely clever jokes and who don’t realize that everyone else thinks they are just plain dumb.

  • surfinwebz

    And then there are the people who imagine that they speak for everyone else.

  • frieda

    I’d like to know more about Pam Mullins…a bio, comments from her friends and co-workers..something.

  • Che Joubert

    2 comments – as far as the Salmon – they used to be plentiful in all bay area creeks before ‘civilization’ destroyed the creeks.

    And as to Pam Mullins – Her family has already spoken of her online as a good and kind person who was a loving family member. They’re in disbelief that this could happen. My personal take on her murder is that she might have innocently observed something, or someone, that sparked paranoia from some gang member. This tends to happen when gangs are on the rise and want to make a statement. According to the Trulia crime map it does seem crime is on the rise.

  • The Sharkey

    Every comment I’ve seen from you so far is an insulting reply to someone else’s comment, rather than stating any opinions of your own. Do you plan on actually contributing anything in the comments here, or are you just here to troll those who do?