Berkeley man injured after interrupting home burglary

The interrupted burglary and hit and run happened in the area of Senior Avenue and Fairlawn Drive in the Berkeley hills

A Berkeley man was injured after returning from a walk with his dog to find burglars in his home. According to the Berkeley Police Department, the incident happened at around 3 p.m. on Tuesday Dec. 11 in the area of Senior Avenue and Fairlawn Drive in the north Berkeley hills.

When the man, who ABC7 reported is Steve Hill, returned to his home to find it was being burglarized, the suspects got into a (possibly cream colored) Cadillac Eldorado, according to BPD. As the burglars were fleeing, they struck Hill with the car causing a leg injury. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital by the Berkeley Fire Department.

Kalena Gregory, who lives across the street from Hill, heard him shout at the burglars, who apparently kicked in his back door.

“I heard him yelling ‘Wait, wait, don’t do that, what are you doing?” said Gregory.

ABC7 reported that neighbors found Hill  in the street just off of Grizzly Peak Boulevard yelling and in pain. He told the responding police officer that he had been hit in the face, then when the burglars were backing out their car, they pulled forward and ran over his leg

Hill reportedly runs the Steephill TV cycling website.

Berkeley Police said they are actively investigating the incident and pursuing leads at they are discovered.

Gregory said there have been two similar break-ins in the neighborhood in the last few weeks. Last week, burglars broke into two houses on Olympus by kicking in some doors.

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  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    Once again time to arm yourselves!

  • The_Sharkey

    Hoping BPD eventually releases a better description of the perps and car.

    Since they hit Mr. Hill in the face and ran him over with their car I imagine he got a pretty good look at them.

  • jjohannson

    Description of the perps?

  • Midmodgal

    This is just a block from us….scary!

  • Howie Mencken

    Before getting a gun (if you don’t already have one) I’d get an alarm system and set it every time you leave. Get the license plate and forget the confrontation. If they’re stupid enough to rob you, they’re stupid enough to hurt you. You’re infinitely more precious than anything you own.

  • I know they already named the victim, but I always find it iffy to release any details about the victim if the people who did it are still at large. It may put them in danger.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    i didn’t mean to protect your property i meant the gun to keep from getting killed by being run over these animals obviously meant to kill him when they backed up and then pulled forward to hit him!

  • The Sharkey

    An alarm system and some mace.
    Making a lot of noise and then running away is generally safer than trying to confront armed thugs.

  • Howie Mencken

    3rdGen….I understand you feelings, but as one who has witnessed the shooting of a burglar by a home owner I can tell you, the emotional and legal fallout is horrible.
    Not as horrible as being killed oneself, but pretty horrible.

  • potheeny

    Wait. Don’t we want the people who did this to be in danger (of being arrested and convicted?)

  • Guest

    Hear, Hear – thanks Howie. Never confront – run, hide, call the cops, but don’t pit yourself against a cornered criminal.

  • cchrissyy

    We had a break in a block away on 11/9, and like the article says, it was afternoon and they kicked in the front door. Police said at the time that there had been several similar ones in the area, and the article confirms they are continuing on Olympus. Hope they catch these guys soon.

  • Tizzielish

    I urge a very loud, irritating alarm system. Silent security systems are useless — home burglarsl are in and out way before a security system tells the police but a very loud noise can deter a lot of criminals.

    My 8th grade teacher was, believe it or not, a full-time, moonlighting Lieutenant on the Chicago Police Force. Lt. Mildice (we called him Mr. Mildice) had just proudly finished college, while raising 9 kids with a housewife (this was 1966!) and he said he wanted to use his diploma. My dad, and every parent I knew, said Mr. Mildice needed a cover for all his police graft income, which, as much as I loved Mr. Mildice and his daughter Patty who was in not judge my Girl Scout Troop my little subgroup (what did we call those subgroups?!), I tended to believe Mildice had to take bribes cause in those days, you pretty much had to be on the take to make it to Lieutenant. Whatever.

    Mr. Mildice often talked to us about crime and his favorite bit of wisdom was this: locked doors only keep honest people honest. He said if someone wants to break into your house locks and security systems will not keep them out. There is almost nothing a crowbar cannot break through, he said. In those days, noisy alarms did not exist, or if they did, no one I knew had one. My dad grew up on Chicago’s South Side and lived there all his life and never locked his doors. Dad said “If anyone wants to steal what I have, they must need it worst than me” I guess that protected my dad with good karma cause we were never burglarized. Of course, we really didn’t have anything to fence but old tv’s and the house was alive with lots of Catholic no-birth-control kids. No one was ever burglarized in my south side neighborhood either. But, like I said, noisy alarms were not really available.

    If someone goes off to work and has an empty house all day and a criminal wants to get in and steal, they are gonna. I believe Mr. Mildice’s advice from 1966-67 (I graduated 8th grade in 67 and he left his teaching career behind after one year, being promoted to Captain with a bump in pay and his home mortgage entirely paid off!!!!).Even with an alarm, if a crook keeps going in, they must be looking for something, know where it is and know it takes a few seconds to get in and out.

    A gun won’t stop burglaries. A loud alarm might stop unprofessionals. Someone used to burglarizing homes knows they have a few minutes and that a few minutes is all they need to pick up computers, jewelry boxes and money safes if they know you have one. Pros will get in. And pros don’t want to kill anyone but they will if they think it will keep them out of jail.

    Take down license plates, hide in the bushes, call the police. The cops would have started looking for the car faster if this poor fellow who got run over by his crooks had called the cops before speaking to his thieves.

    I am glad the guy did not receive life threatening injuries, sorry he got hurt and sorry he got robbed. I hope he has full replacement insurance!

  • Tizzielish

    I think Gieson was concerned aboutu putting the crime victim in danger by disclosing his identity to the criminals.

  • 3rdGenBerkeleyan

    And girls…

  • doowop

    i bet he got those facial memories concussed out of him..

  • Self evident

    Uh they know his address and probably have some of his personal info, don’t you think they have a sense of his identity?